Using ChatGPT Prompts To Write Sales Emails

Written by Cathy

In the above video I show you how to use ChatGPT prompts to write sales emails

Tired of ChatGPT churning out generic-sounding emails?

In this video I break down my 3-step workflow that effortlessly gets ChatGPT writing sales emails that not only sound like YOU, but are strategically structured to bring in sales and revenue.

In this video you’ll learn:

✅ Why the prompts you’re currently using aren’t working (and what to do instead).

✅ How to train ChatGPT to unlock the secret desires of your audience (this is the REAL secret behind writing emails that sell)

✅My AI-layering techniques that turn ChatGPT into a reliable (and lucrative) writing intern for your business.

I also recorded a class showing you how first-hand how I use ChatGPT to write sales emails (that actually sound like me!).

It includes real-life examples of emails that I sent to my list (that made sales), that were around 80% written by ChatGPT.


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