Grow Your Online Business With Digital Assets

I create digital assets to help online businesses grow

Here’s How I Can Help

Ready to launch your online brand?

I offer a range of web design packages for entrepreneurs with a range of budgets.

Ready to scale up?

If you’re capped out with your 1-on-1 services, let’s get your time back.

Love to DIY?

I have a range of courses to help you build a thriving business on your own terms.

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

As a corporate refugee turned entrepreneur, I’ve been working with businesses both big and small over the years.

I started off in presentation design, but quickly became obsessed with all things digital marketing.

Since then, I’ve ‘pivoted’ more than a few times, and have worked on graphic design projects, through to website builds, delivered online marketing AND I’ve built and sold a range of digital products.

I put all this knowledge and experience to help businesses like yours to thrive online.

How To Launch An Online Course Without Complicated Technology

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How To Launch An Online Course Without An Email List

Looking to launch a course with a small (or non-existent) email list? Let's bust some myths about launching a new offer for your business. This could be within the context of launching something like a course or a program. If you usually do one-to-one services and you...

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