How can I help you

Let’s talk about you for a second (we’ll get to me in a moment…)

You’re a service-provider, creative entrepreneur or small business owner.

You’re amazing at what you do.

But you’re feeling tapped out with your 1-on-1 services, and are ready to start scaling with online courses.


If you’ve landed here, chances are you’re at 1 of these 3 stages:


You want to grow beyond 1-to-1

Your business is going gangbusters.

You’ve nailed your messaging and your clients love you.

But you’re starting to feel overwhelmed. 

Juggling all your client work is keeping you busy, but leaves no room for growth.

If you’re ready to explore how online courses and programs can take your business to the next level, let’s have a chat.


You're ready to scale up

You’ve got a course or program already, but you’re not reaching consistent income goals. 

If you’re ready to really work hard on your funnel, it’s time to have a chat.


You're at the beginning of your journey

You’re probably a bit earlier in the cycle..maybe just starting out

Chances are you’re feeling overwhelmed by all the options to take, and things you feel you need to do.

You, my friend, need to check out all of the resources I’ve put together for you. 

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

As a corporate refugee turned freelancer (or entrepreneur?), I’ve been working with businesses both big and small over the years.

I started off in presentation design, but quickly became obsessed with all things digital marketing.

Since then, I’ve ‘pivoted’ more than a few times, and have worked on graphic design projects, through to website builds, delivered online marketing AND I’ve built and sold a range of digital products.

Everything I’ve learned has come together under this umbrella of Your Web Toolkit, and today I work with coaches, consultants and experts, to help them design and build online courses and programs.

Some juicy facts!

  • I used to be a freelance photographer AND heavily into foster rescue. These 2 passions combined with me publishing a photography book
  • When I was 21, I hitchhiked from the north to the south of Israel. This was waaayyy before smartphones, so I have no photographic evidence. But it was one of the strangest 24 hours of my life.
  • I’m a mum to twin girls – at the time of writing they’re 4 years old, and are the most unbelievably bossy little people!

Where to next?

Choose your own adventure!

Want to chat about a website project?

Looking for a strategy consultation?

Want to do it yourself? Check out my courses. 

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