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Let’s talk about you for a second (we’ll get to us in a moment…)


Some days, you take a look around, and you can’t quite believe this THING that you’ve built.

This….business. A real, profitable, fully-functioning business.

It worked. You’re making money. You’re making a difference.

Feels good, right?

But things are starting to rumble inside. You can feel it’s time for new growth. New ideas. To evolve into the next stage.

  • Maybe you want to coach people on how you got to where you are.
  • Maybe you want to create and launch an online course to reach a wider audience.
  • Time to write a book (or 3)?

But, before you dive into doing all the things, I’ve got something to say.

You need to hear it.

Your brand isn’t meeting your needs anymore. Worse, it’s hurting you.

Kind of like that boyfriend you hooked up with when you were young. You had a good time together, he was fun and supportive. But the truth is, at some point you grew apart. You had to break up.

Breaking up isn’t fun. I mean, it’s one of the suckiest things you can go through.

(Luckily that was just an analogy – I promise there will be a lot less snot).

We help you to scale, stand out, and increase your impact and revenue.

You Can Hire Us For…

Sales Conversion Copywriting

Unlock Your Unfair Brand Advantage

What if you…

Had access to professional copywriting secrets…that only a handful of businesses are using right now

Knew how to become the only choice for your clients…by simply tweaking the way you communicate with your audience

Finally understood which copywriting mistakes are turning your clients away

The Magnetic Website

Transform Your Website Visitors Into Dream Clients

Is this you?

You get consistent and transformative results for your clients.

We create website journeys that turn mildly curious visitors into adoring clients.

Connect with your ideal clients on a gut level… with messaging so powerful that it “sticks”

More About Us…


Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

It’s really lovely to meet you 👋

I’ve been working in the online space for about eight years now.

What makes me qualified to take care of you and your brand as you move into this new phase?

I’ve been working with brand identities for around 20 years – from household names like Microsoft and Coca-Cola – all the way through to solopreneurs, and the mid-sized businesses in-between.

I also threw all false modesty out of the window a while ago. #leaningintomysuperpowers

I’m good at what I do. Really good at it. I buff, shine and bring out the best in your business bits.

Which – hallelujah! –  are the things you enjoy doing that also make you buckets of money.

Because who doesn’t love buckets of money?

So, when we work together, the priority is profit. But…in a way that’s bursting with YOUR values and mission.

Because that mission thing? It’s important to me. It’s important to you too.

Building a business stops being just about revenue and profits at some point. It morphs into something more. A mission. A desire to leave a legacy.

To – dare I say it? – change the world.

(And that picture of me…that’s me hanging out in my ‘dingly dell’. When my head gets too busy, I go there to connect with my inner power. And to see if I can find any pixies.)

So if you’re into profit AND passion. Making money AND making a difference….

Then you and I will probably get along.

Hey, I ‘m Mat!

After 10 years as a language teacher, bumping up against students who simply didn’t care about the fascinating nuances of the English language, it’s maybe surprising I was so slow to pivot into copywriting.

Hindsight’s wonderful, but all the ingredients were already there:

  • Spending my 20s “lost” and searching for answers by reading any literature I could consume
  • Being the “chameleon guy” who navigated life by aping others to try and fit in (see above, being “lost” in my 20s) 
  • A pedant’s rage at everyday crimes against English  
  • Listening twice over to a podcast series on the history of the English language
  • Playing the same podcast to my kids as babies in an effort to get them to sleep
  • Boring friends and family with points of etymological interest from the same podcast
  • And generally being very aware of the power of the right words as tools to make sense of the world

It was when I started helping Cathy out by ghost writing projects she was working on that the penny finally dropped.

I’m good at words.  

I can do what she’s doing.

Getting inside someone else’s head and adopting their voice is second nature.

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