How Can I Help You?

Let’s talk about you for a second (we’ll get to me in a moment…)


Some days, you take a look around, and you can’t quite believe this THING that you’ve built.

This….business. A real, profitable, fully-functioning business.

Holy shit! It worked. You’re making money. You’re making a difference.

Feels good, right?

But things are starting to rumble inside. You can feel it’s time for new growth. New ideas. To evolve into the next stage.

  • Maybe you want to coach people on how you got to where you are.
  • Maybe you want to create and launch an online course to reach a wider audience.
  • Time to write a book (or 3)?

But, before you dive into doing all the things, I’ve got something to say.

You need to hear it.

Your brand isn’t meeting your needs anymore. Worse, it’s hurting you.

Kind of like that boyfriend you hooked up with when you were young. You had a good time together, he was fun and supportive. But the truth is, at some point you grew apart. You had to break up.

Breaking up isn’t fun. I mean, it’s one of the suckiest things you can go through.

(Luckily that was just an analogy – I promise there will be a lot less snot).

I unlock your brand archetype so you can scale, stand out, and increase your impact and revenue.

You’re reading this because you want to:

Double or triple your revenue

Reach a wider audience

Publish a book

Become the CEO of your business

So, YOU are ready for more. But is your brand?

Connect with your ideal clients on a gut level… with messaging so powerful that it “sticks”

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

Nice to meet you 🙂

Let’s address the elephant in the room (ok, on the web page…)

What makes me qualified to take care of you and your brand as you move into this new phase?

Well…let’s put it this way. I’ve been looking after brand identities for my clients for the last 20 years.

And I’ve done it from multiple angles. From photography to design. From website conversion to copywriting.

I’ve got a unique bag of experience and insights that I can shine onto your business, to help catapult you to the next level.

Read on, and I’ll explain what I mean…


You Need a Brand Gatekeeper

I started working as a brand ‘guide’ way back in my early days of corporate.

My job was to keep this gigantic behemoth ‘on-brand’ on a daily basis.

It was here that I learned about the importance of branding beyond logos and colours. In fact, I spent an entire year helping to roll-out a rebrand across the company.

There’s a reason why big companies invest so heavily in their branding projects. It’s because this shit is important!

As your business grows, you need to start taking this stuff seriously.

It was OK when it was just you and your Canva account, but as you pull in team members, and lean on the expertise of others – you need a clear vision and guidelines so that your message stays clear.

Photography is key

My first venture into self-employment was as a freelance photographer. I even did my degree in photography.

All up, I spent 10 years getting really good at visual storytelling.

I worked on some amazing projects:

  • Getting hired to create the imagery for corporate tenders
  • Publishing a photography book
  • Doing a HEAP of portrait work where people actually liked their photos (no mean feat, let me tell you!)

I don’t do photography anymore.

But if you’re serious about a re-brand, photography is an investment you need to look into.

And if you put me in charge of developing your brand personality, I know how to talk ‘photographer’ to whoever you hire for your images.

Get the images you need to support the rest of your brand project.

And trust me, your photographer will love being given concept direction.

Let’s talk websites

If I know you at all, you’ve probably made a big chunk of your change through social media.

The reason social media works, is that it’s…well…social.

Your clients and potential clients get to know YOU. It’s chatty. It’s daily. It’s infused with your personality and quirks.

But if you want to add new income streams, and reach a wider audience, you’re going to need to pull yourself out a bit.

You still need a place where your audience can get to know you. Where they can peek around at what you do, what you offer, and how they can get closer to you.

Your website can be an AMAZING business tool – if it’s done right.

It needs to be created with a strategy that ties back into your brand personality and your business vision.

And THIS is where I’ve been honing my skills over the last 5 years.

I create a true asset for your business, that’s the next best thing to hanging out with you on social.

Unlike your limited human-ness (jokes!), your website has all sorts of bits you can use to automate, scale, delegate and grow

You’re probably doing some of it now.

But it’s time to get it cohesive, streamlined, and fully aligned with you AND your audience

Cathy helped me launch my new business with her website design. She was easy to work with, patient with specific requests and designed a website that ranked on page 1 of google searches within the first month or two (in a completive market). 

– Rachael Haley

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