Are you suffering from

website overwhelm?

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Website technology is downright intimidating.

The sheer overwhelm of just working out where to start can be the death of many businesses before they even get going.

If you’re anything like me, at the start of a new business journey there are a series of questions colliding through your brain:

  • Where to start?
  • How much to spend?
  • Who to trust?
  • Which tools do I need?
  • How will my website bring income into my business?
The good news is that developers, designers and marketers have been spending untold amounts of time and money, creating and refining tools just for you. It’s truly never been easier or more affordable to bring your business dream to reality.

Your biggest hurdle is working out which tools you need, and how they all fit together.

I can help you build a website quickly and easily.
Even if you’re terrified of technology.

So, who’s behind this website?

So nice of you to ask! I’m Cathy Topping and I’ve been working as a designer – sometimes as a corporate monkey, sometimes insides funky agencies – for the vast majority of my working life.

How I got to where I am

I’ve also been freelancing for a very long time. For many years, I had a photography business, but always had the ‘safety net’ part-time job. I sank lots of years and money into my photography business. In the end, it turns out, that wasn’t the right business vehicle for me.

So I decided to shift my focus. I turned the part-time ‘safety net’ gig into my actual business, and everything changed. My clients weren’t parents or families anymore, they were small business owners, or big corporate conglomerates, or agencies working with big corporate conglomerates.

For the last 4 years or so, I’ve been working for myself, building up a design business and learning plenty through trial and error.

Last year, life took another turn, as I became a first-time mum to twins.

Yes, that is as exhausting and hectic as you might imagine.

The twinado has caused major upheavals in more ways than one – not least leaving me with WAY fewer productive hours in the day. I mean, being a mum is about as productive as it gets, but…well, you know what I mean!

If you want to find out more about how I juggle business and babies, you can read more here.

So, it’s time for another business shift, and I’m dipping my toes in the world of online courses.

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