I recently completed a website project for a client, where we completed a website refresh – rather than an entire website redesign.

The aim was to make the user journey more in line with her business goals, and encourage more signups for her coaching programs.

Prior to the website refresh, she hadn’t had any leads come through the website.

One week after we launched the new layout – she had a new discovery call for her 1-on-1 coaching. And as I write this post, she’s getting 1 sign-up a week for her group program which will be launched next year.

This is just the beginning, as the next step is to get more traffic to her website.

But the difference the website layout has made is self-evident. From her website doing absolutely nothing to help support her business, she now knows that visitors ARE converting. And that’s the first step in creating a killer marketing strategy.


  • Although there was a button in the header area to book a call, it didn’t stand out, and as a result – no-one was booking the calls.
  • The opt-in was taking up way too much real-estate on the page, and so by the time someone had scrolled halfway down the page, it still wasn’t clear what was on offer, and why they might want to book a call with Robyn.
  • The 3 ways that a website visitor could work with Robyn weren’t clearly designed. They looked like static images rather than click-through elements. This meant that people landing on the home page, weren’t moving further through the website


  • We created a contrasting colour to use for Call to Actions throughout the website
  • Created a button in the navigation bar so that visitors can book a call at any point on their journey through the website
  • Added this CTA to the main header image
  • Included a video to increase engagement on the page
  • Clear buttons for the 3 ways potential clients can work with Robyn, leading through to landing pages that explain her products and services in more detail
  • Inclusion of more information about Robyn, with a link through to the About Page
  • Client testimonials for further social proof and trust in her methods and outcomes

The result?

From a website that for MONTHS was not generating any leads, to a website that’s generating calls and subscribers.

Within only 7 days. 

Would you like to chat about how I can help you get your website working harder? Book a call here.

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