How to Create Sticky Widgets (in your sidebars)

Today, I want to talk about sticky widgets for your blog post sidebars. Don’t know what I’m talking about?

No problem. Let me break it down.

Here’s an example:

See how when you scroll down the page, the opt-in on the right follows you?

Pretty cool, huh?

How to create sticky widgets

Download a plugin called Q2W3 Fixed Widget.

Once you’ve activated the plugin, when you go to add a widget to any sidebar area, there’s a new checkbox, that allows you to make it fixed, or ‘sticky’.

Like in the screengrab below.

Q2W3 Sticky Widget Screengrab

How cool is that? And so easy.

Cathy Topping

Cathy Topping

Creator - Your Web Toolkit

Cathy is the owner of Your Web Toolkit, where she empowers online entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality.


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