You’re tired of wrestling with templates, you’re fed-up with conflicting advice from copywriting ‘gurus’, and you want to throw your laptop out of the window…

Would You Like To Launch Your ‘Thing’ in 30 Days or Less (With Me Right By Your Side)?

You’re tired of forcing out content that’s meant to connect with your clients (but keeps falling flat).

Maybe you get a wobble when it comes to “finalising” the words on the thing you’re getting ready to send out into the word.

Or maybe you just want to use something EASY that actually WORKS.

Find the right words…and the right people find you.

You went into business because you love what you do, and you want to make an impact in the world.

And then you realised…oh crap!…I’ve got to do all this marketing. All this writing.

And it’s really hard.

(It’s OK that it’s hard.)


It’s OK to admit you need help to write your own copy


It’s OK to be confused by the fact that sometimes your words land, and sometimes they don’t.


It’s OK that you struggle to find the words to come across sounding like ‘you’

Trust me, you’re not alone…

I’ve added close to 1000 new members in the past three or four weeks, just from my new sequence

So I decided to hire Cathy as my copywriter because my business coach has used her and loves her. 

So I thought, you know what, I’m going to jump in and give it a try. 

And I can’t even tell you. I am so blown away by the way my sales pages look now, versus before Cathy got a hold of them. 

It truly is amazing – and the great thing is that I know they’re going to convert. 

I’m so excited. 

One of the things that she also helped me with was my email sequence for when somebody signs up for my list. 

And, it seems so simple, but she made this one tweak on one of the emails where she actually asked a question that asked for a response. 

Now I spend a huge majority of my day answering each and every one of those emails. And I am just about to hit the 5000 mark in my email list now, that’s huge! 

So probably, I’ve added close to 1000 new members in the past three or four weeks, just from my new sequence. So I am super excited. I’m ready to nurture the heck out of them!

– Lisa Calle (digital course creator)

Here’s what I know about people who are passionate about what they do:


You light up and find the words that best explain what you do when someone is asking you meaningful questions (and really listening to what you say)


When you have the opportunity to speak the words out loud, you discover the phrases and angles that truly explain your uniqueness


There’s a powerful energy that’s created when you find yourself articulating what you do, in a way you’ve not really experienced before

But when you sit down to write?

Poof! The words disappear.

Or worse…they transform into sentences and phrases that don’t sound remotely like something you would say.

So you put it into the too-hard basket.

You say you’ll get back to it later. 

Meanwhile, you’re out there promoting something that you’re not even able to explain properly.

If only you had a copywriter in your pocket so you could get copywriting support and feedback when you need it most…

The upgrade to my website has definitely encouraged me to direct more people to it

After working with Cathy I feel more confident (and less stressed) about my website…and several clients have also talked positively about it as being more representative of who I am

-Arif Iqball (executive coach)

screenshot of testimonial by arif posted on facebook


Copywriter In Your Pocket

Some ideas of the things we can focus on:

Sales Pages

Launch copy

Email sequences

Landing Pages

Website Pages

Blog posts and content

I feel like I learned a lot about how to  express my authentic voice in a better way.

I’m feeling stronger about writing words that have impact and where to tighten up my messaging. I now look at my emails and my social media posts differently than I did before.

-Tracy Beavers (business coach)

How it works

We meet up once a week for 4 weeks, and those are our co-writing sessions. 

I’ll work alongside you on your copy to tweak and polish it to perfection. 

At the end of our time together, you’ll have finally written the thing that you’ve been putting off writing.

What can we accomplish together in four weeks?

To give you some ideas, here are projects I’ve worked on with previous clients:

Website copy

We can write ALL the copy for your website, either from scratch or polishing what you’ve already done

Social media content

We create a content plan together, which you execute during the four weeks. I’ll share my toolkit that means you can rinse and repeat this process over and over, so you’re never stuck for content ideas again.

Launch copy

If you’re launching a paid offer, we can pull together your sales page and emails for the launch


Set up your freebie, and write the email sequence to connect and convert with your audience.

Cathy has a unique way of getting out what is inside my head, grabbing the content, and then refining it.

– Mauva Campbell (business analyst)

“I was struggling with content for my website, blog, podcast, and sales pages. I could not get out of my head, and work out what I needed to say to my audience/market.

Cathy was recommended as someone who could help me to articulate my ideas and write the relevant content together.

I love her approach with her Copywriter In Your Pocket service.

The 1-2-1 working together, asking the right questions, and helping me write the content concisely and refining the content as we develop.

Cathy has a unique way of getting out what is inside my head, grabbing the content, and then refining it.

She took the time to understand my niche and audience.

I now look at the content we did together, along with the recordings, and use the same approach to think about how to develop any new content I want to create.”

Is it time to finally create the business of your dreams?

Time for some home truths

How much time are you spending…

❌ Scrolling through social media, filling your brain with OTHER people’s words, ideas and offers…

❌ Writing endless drafts of your copy but never actually putting it out there because you worry it’s not good enough…

❌ Putting off launching offers, procrastinating, and generally feeling like your writing ‘to-do’ list never gets smaller…

When you should be spending it:

✅ Doing the work you signed up to do – ie coaching your clients

✅ Confidently growing your brand through media appearances, podcasts, even writing a book!

✅Creating new ways to increase your income and impact

(Investment is a 1-time payment of $1,000 or two-pay of $500)

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