This course is for online entrepreneurs who want an easy and affordable way to confidently know how to brand their website.

…these step-by-step video tutorials will show you everything you need focus on RIGHT NOW, to get clear on your brand. Trust me, your website will thank you!

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Website Branding for Entrepreneurs
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You’ve got a business idea, and a marketing plan. You’ve been researching, and learning, and you’re ready to dive in.

You know you need a website. You think you need a logo, but all this branding talk gets pretty confusing.

Do you invest in a branding designer up front, or is there another way?

What you need is a quick and affordable way to create a brand for your website. 

Clever entrepreneurs don’t throw money at branding straight away.

They know that the quickest way to a profitable business is to take action and experiment.

You can do this with a simple branding strategy that doesn’t use up all of your financial resources.

Let’s take a look at what the course covers

This course is designed for online entrepreneurs and small business owners, who are anxious to get their business online, but don’t the funds to pay for a branding designer. I’ve got you covered!

In this course I will walk you through the key areas you need to focus on RIGHT NOW, to get your brand identity locked down, and give you the confidence to create a website that is polished and professional-looking.

Module 1: Your Ideal Client

Before doing any sort of marketing, you need to know who you’re marketing to. You need to find your target audience.

You’ll learn how to research your target market, get the information you really need to know.

At the end of this module you’ll have a really clear idea of who your ideal customer is, and how to communicate with them.

Module 2: Web Design Tools

Over the years, I’ve come across a number of cool little tools that help make the design and website building process much easier.

This is because they’re quick and easy to access. They allow you to get the info need need right then and there. And, of course – they’re FREE! (we all love a free tool, right?)

Module 3: Your Website Brand Identity

In this module you will learn how to create the various elements that make up your brand identity.

By the end of the module, you will have a 1 page reference Website Style Guide.

This guide will contain your colours, fonts, and photography choices, as well as decisions on how you want your buttons and links to look.

Using this reference, you’ll be able to ensure your website has a clear and cohesive brand.

“Cathy is a great instructor. She presents the information in the right sized bites for learning and application. She makes sure that it is more than telling us how to do something, it is taking us through to actually using it to build something useful.”

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