Web Design Packages

Which package is perfect for you?

I’ve worked with entrepreneurs at lots of different stages of their business, and what they want out of a website is never the same.

My web design packages offer different ways to work with me – but the end result is always the same.

You get a fully customised website that will elevate your brand. It will also become the lynchpin for your marketing strategies and help to fuel your business growth.

Sound good? Let’s start with where you’re at in your business.

You Need An Authority Website

You’ve been in business for a while, and you have an established online brand.

While you’ve been successfully growing, your website has been left in your dust.

It’s at the point where you’re ashamed to even look at it most days.

You're On A Budget

You’ve been in business a little while, and are starting to get traction.

You either don’t have a website, or you’re not happy with the one you’ve got.

You want an affordable website that’s fully customised to grow with you.

You Love to DIY

You’re just starting out, or you want to learn how to build websites for your clients.

I’ve got a group program that helps you create a lead-generation website in 6 weeks.

The content, the design, the works.

Cathy definitely knows her stuff and she has not only helped me build my whole site but also has completed all of the maintenance and any other minor things that have arose. She truly is the best and would refer her to everyone I know. Which I have done once already and she did amazing work for that person too.

Michelle Weinstein, The Pitch Queen

Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking (a work in progress)

Overcoming My Fear of Public Speaking (a work in progress)

A couple of weeks ago, I ran my first live workshop on Pinterest Marketing. Yes, it was small, but if you had told me 12 months ago that I'd be able to do something like this - stand up in front of people, talk confidently, and even manage to sleep the night before -...

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