How to Use Facebook to Grow Your Business

You know that you can really effectively use Facebook to grow your business organically, right?

But, if you’re anything like me, you get a little bit antsy about mixing up your personal and business Facebook stuff.

I use my personal Facebook account for staying in touch with family and friends, reconnecting with old school mates, and bombarding everyone with photos of my daughters. I’ve never been particularly comfortable about spamming my buddies with my business exploits, and so generally keep it a work-free zone.

But I also use my Facebook profile to join Facebook groups, make new connections, and even bring in new business.

I’ve found a really easy way to capitalise on my personal and professional Facebook profiles, without annoying my buddies or breaking any rules. And that’s what I’m going to share!

How to use your personal Facebook profile to get more business

When I’m active in Facebook groups, there’s a good chance that people might check out my personal Facebook page, and I want them to be able to see what I’m up to.

Until fairly recently, all I did was have some links to my Facebook Page in the About section. Like this:


I would also periodically check how my account looks from the point of view of someone who I’m not ‘friends’ with.

Which you can do from this dropdown:


But, after nosing around a bit and checking out some other people’s Facebook profiles, I had a bit of an ‘a-ha’ moment. I can make all my personal posts only visible to friends, but could post the odd business-related post and leave it as ‘public’

That way, for people I’m not connected to, that’s the post that is visible at the top of my Timeline.

So…here’s what I do!

When I’m posting the normal, personal stuff, I make sure that it’s only visible to my Friends.


But for any business related posts, I make sure it’s Public.


And that’s why, if you’re not my Facebook Friend, that post up there is the one at the top of the timeline if you visit my page. But for my family and friends, it came and went, and we all moved on.

Pretty simple,  hey? But trust me…it’s effective.

Cathy Topping

Cathy Topping

Creator - Your Web Toolkit

Cathy is the owner of Your Web Toolkit, where she empowers online entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality.


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