A step-by-step guide to

creating your


A professional-looking website is hands-down the best marketing tool you can invest in for your business.

If you aren’t online, you simply won’t exist for a huge number of potential clients.

But when it comes to creating a website, where do you begin?

Does any of this sound familiar?

You’ve been shocked by a quote to design and build a profitable website. You understand that web designers are skilled professionals, but you’re just starting out and don’t have that sort of money at your disposal.

You’ve been considering creating your own website, but don’t know where to begin. Google and You Tube are chock-full of tutorials and guides, but no-one seems to be talking in a language you can understand.

You’re wondering which design elements will turn customers on (not away). You want a website that looks professional and supports your vision and business growth — not something that looks like it’s been cobbled together in your spare time.

Introducing: The Website Playbook

Based on the experience I had building my first website, plus years of designing and building them for others, I’ve created the easiest way to build your own website without:

Being overwhelmed with technical jargon and code

Losing control of the functionality and design of your site

Losing sight of your online marketing goals

Incurring costs that spiral out of control

It’s a personal, fully guided introduction to building your own website – with you in the driver’s seat.

We start with a website template, then I show you exactly how to make it your own with video tutorials, worksheets, and support through a private Facebook group.

Whenever you have questions, I’ll be there to answer them!

Meet Carmel

“I knew nothing about building websites before starting the course. I now have a website that I’m really pleased with and proud of. I’ve been asked several times now whether I had my website built for me, which I take as a huge compliment, but I think it’s even more a compliment to Cathy because she is the one who taught me how to do it.”

– Carmel Griffith, Puggle Post

If this is the solution you’ve been waiting for…

You can start building your new powerhouse website NOW.

Don’t keep waiting for the perfect time

You don’t need to have your brand perfectly sorted out to get started. You don’t need to have your content all mapped out. You just need to get started.

Your website is the perfect tool to start small, and to give your seed of an idea the room to grow and evolve.

I understand the challenges of the DIY website build, because I started from exactly where you are.

When I struck out on my own as a freelance graphic designer in 2012, I jumped in at the deep end. I had some savings, a small network of friends and colleagues, and a rough idea of what I wanted to do.

I decided to build my own website, because I wanted to expand my skillset, and be able to offer something additional to my clients. Well, that was some learning curve!

I experienced first-hand the frustration of trying to decipher the indecipherable. To find a blog post, or video or comment – anything! – that explains things in simple, beginner’s terms. I know what it feels like – your head spinning with code, marketing jargon that everyone else seems to understand effortlessly, and a trillion choices to make at every single step of the process.

I know what it is that you need to know, and I know how to explain it to you.

What if I told you that you could build your own website in a few weeks for a very small investment?

I’ve developed a 6 module program to help small business owners like you to build your own website. You’ll learn how WordPress works, be able to make additions and changes to your website going forward, and take control of your marketing strategy.

Let’s take a look at what the course covers

Unlike most courses about building a website, this course goes beyond the technical aspects and into developing a brand and strategy that pulls customers to you. It means you don’t just have a pretty website that works – you’ll have an online marketing powerhouse.

After 46 self-paced lessons, split into six modules, you will have a professional website that is a hard-working part of your marketing arsenal.


Setting Up Your Key Brand Visual Elements – Logo, Colours & Fonts

Five lessons to show you how to set up your key brand elements – even if you haven’t got the funds to hire a brand designer.



Create All Your Website Content – Images & Text 

Seven lessons that take you from mapping out your website, through to writing your website content, and getting your images optimised for your new website.


Making Sure Your Website Design and Data Are Safe

Ten lesson showing you howto choose your host, through to installing WordPress, and how to keep your website design and data safe from spammers and other online threats. These lessons will also show you how to maintain the performance of your website (for a better visitor experience).


Setting Up Your Starting Template

Eight lessons that show you how to set up the website template you’ll use as your starting point.

Choosing the right theme and template can be one of the most time-consuming parts of building your own website. This first template gives you the most versatile design, making it the perfect starting point for your customisation.


Learning How to Make It Your Own

13 lessons that help you get familiar with the basic theme design of your website, comprehensively covering how to customise every detail so it perfectly fits your business.

Customising your template will make your website unique to your brand. In this module, you’ll learn how to design the look and flow of pages to help customers get to your products and services more easily.


Using Your Website to Establish Your Authority

Three lessons to show you how to use your website to become a trusted expert in your field. We’ll be covering how to set up SEO-friendly blog posts, ready to share across social media.

What’s included in the course


The entire course is mapped out for you in an 80 document, that takes you step-by-step through the process.

By following the roadmap, you’ll tap into the system I use to build client websites in a way that is time-efficient and avoids overwhelm.


Each lesson has a video tutorial with relevant worksheets or other resources to help you implement what you’ve learned.

The material is completely self-paced, so you have plenty of time to do it right.


There will be a private Facebook group for all students. A group like this is a great place to get to know each other, help each other, and share your wins. Any questions you have are personally answered by me in our private Facebook group, so you’re never left wondering what to do.


I regularly check in and update the course, adding new content to keep the teaching and strategies up-to-date and relevant.

You will always have access to all these changes and improvements I make over time.

Meet Tom

“Cathy took a really holistic approach to my whole marketing strategy, and made some fantastic suggestions. She really knows her stuff inside out.”

– Tom Greenwood, Greenwood Photos

If this is the solution you’ve been waiting for…

You can start building your new powerhouse website NOW.

Who’s behind this course?

Hi there, I’m Cathy! For the best part of 10 years, I’ve been working as a designer in one form or another, mostly in corporate-land, but also working as a team member for small business owners, and freelancing in agencies.

I became my own boss in 2012, and it has been the most successful and satisfying experience I’ve ever had so far! I love designing for others, but the learning curve I’ve been on these last few years has created a sweet spot where I truly feel I’ve got something useful to give.

Although my background is design, it wasn’t specifically website design. I’m completely self-taught.

All those frustrations you’re experiencing trying to DIY your website? Trust me, I understand, because I’ve been there!

I also understand that you don’t necessarily want to learn everything there is to learn about web design. After all, you’re in business doing YOUR thing.

This course does lots of the heavy lifting for you – initial design, coding and strategy. You can tweak it as little or as much as you want.


Let’s recap what you get:

You have lifetime access to all 46 tutorials

Lifetime access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, anytime

Lifetime access to all future additions and updates

This DIY website course is PERFECT for…


You’ve got the written word covered, but does your website really present you as the professional you are? You need to tell potential customers about your services, but you also need a portfolio to showcase your skills and proven blogging platform to share your knowledge and experience.

This course will walk you through the design decisions you need to make to take your copywriting website live, allowing you to focus on creating the amazing content you know will start attracting your dream clients.


Trust is a huge part of working as a coach, and a website is often the first step in that relationship-building process. Your website needs to show off your expertise and experience – with a design and layout that put people at ease.

This course gives you the building blocks you need to create a website that reflects the personality of your coaching style, while encouraging someone to take the next step with you.

Small-business owners just starting out

When you’re starting out, you don’t have heaps of cash to spare, but you need to invest in marketing that brings those customers in.

This course is a truly affordable way to get a professional eye-catching website created – by you!

When your business has grown enough for you to start outsourcing, you’ll know EXACTLY what to look for in a Virtual Assistant or web developer.

Cathy is a great instructor. She presents the information in the right-sized bites for learning and application. She makes sure that it is more than telling us how to do something, it is taking us through to actually using it to build something useful.”

Ernie Moore

Owner, Coach Moore

Overall, it’s been a great course. I’ve learned so much and achieved so much, and I’ve also saved a whole heap of cash that I would have had to spend on a developer, but I can invest in my business!

Carmel Griffith

Owner, Puggle Post

I’m just so pleased to be moving forward. I’m pretty sure I’d still be stuffing around with my site if I hadn’t come across Cathy’s course. 5*!

Carla Beth Anderson

Founder, C. Beth Anderson Communication

Thank you so much Cathy.. you have cleared up so many confusing questions that I had! I now have a plan in how to clean up my site! Love your feedback.. thanks so much! ♡

Tanja Angelique

Owner, Cheshire Counselling and Mindfulness

Cathy is a totally professional. Her course is absolutely overloaded with value and her group is also. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Steph Bartram

Owner, Mindset Renovations

I took Cathy’s course and I am so glad I did. Really easy to follow and actionable and super informative. I can’t believe its free, but can’t tell you how great a resource it is if you are building your own website. I’ll be using everything I learnt to upgrade my website. Thanks Cathy you have really really helped.

Bernadine Graham

Owner, Bernadine Graham VA

Got questions?

I don’t want to learn code -- is this the right course for me?

Rest assured, you won’t need to learn any code. I will give you a few snippets as needed, but all you’ll have to do is copy and paste them into the right place — and I’ll tell you where.

I don’t have a clear idea of my branding, colours, etc. Is that a problem?

Not at all. It’s important to know that this isn’t a branding course. That said, we will go through how to create a simple text logo to get you started, as well as how to pick colours and imagery to create a professional image.

Are there any extra expenses, apart from the course fee?

You must pay the costs associated with hosting (storing your website), roughly $5 to $15 per month; purchasing your domain name (URL), roughly $10 per year; and the theme (Divi) we’ll be using, which is $89 per year. These won’t be inhibitive costs, however.

If we’re all using the same theme, won’t my website end up looking the same as everyone else’s?

As long as you put the work in to differentiate your design, no. Everyone starts with the same template, but the bulk of what I’ll be teaching you is how to customise that gateway to your unique business and brand.

You’ll be able not only to change the colours, fonts, and imagery, but also the entire layout of your website so it can look completely different if you want it to!

What happens if I get stuck?

I’m always available in the private Facebook group where you can ask any questions you have.

If you’d like personal one-on-one guidance, you can upgrade to a premium support package.

Do you help with hosting and registering my URL?

Module 1 of the course takes you through the process, step by step, on how to register your domain (URL) and set up hosting.

I am available to answer any questions, but I encourage all students to have a direct relationship with their host, so that they are fully in control of their websites.

Can I get help changing my design after I finish the course?

Yes, of course! I offer a discounted rate to design and build websites for students of the course.

Do you know someone looking for a website-building course?

Share The Website Playbook with someone looking for a professional-looking website without the expenses of a professional website developer.