The survey funnel

In this video, I’m going to be talking about something called a survey funnel.

Of all the funnels I’m talking about in this series, this is probably the one that is the most complicated (mainly because the others are so simple!).

But this works really well if you have an existing audience, an email list, and you’ve got different offerings, or a suite of products or services.

For example, you might have:

  • A high ticket or one-on-one service
  • An DIY online course
  • And then something in the middle like a group program or some other mid-tier offer.

So here’s what you do.

Step 1: Send out an email

You write an email and you send it out to your list. And you ask them a question.

A question around their biggest pain point, or the biggest challenge that they’re struggling with. Align the question with whatever is that you offer that can help them with that problem.

Step 2: Segment your list

So you give them three options, and the three options are going to be linked to the three tiers of products or service that you offer.

Your email service provider should make it quite easy to create links for the different segment. And then when someone clicks on each link, they get tagged.

Step 3: Create separate email sequences

From that single email, you segment your list into three tags and create 3 email sequences.

Each sequence then talks about the best product or service that you’ve got to solve that specific problem, pain-point or issue that they clicked on.

Why this works

This is going to help you to help more of your audience.

When you’re a service based business, there’s only one of you. There’s only so much that you can do to help clients with with your one-on-one services – which is why it’s a good idea to create these different ways of working with you.

On the flip side of it, the people in your audience might be at different points in their journey. Some are going to need to work with you at a lower level, and others at a higher level.

It’s about making sure that you let them know the different ways that they can work with you.

You allow them to make that choice for themselves.

Creating an automated survey funnel

The beauty of doing this survey funnel is that you can set this up to be automated.

You focus on you marketing at the top end of this funnel, to keep a steady stream of people moving through these email sequences.

You can then keep things ticking over in your service-based business in a way that allows you to communicate with the people on your email list and meet them they’re at.

Let me know if you’ve applied something like this to a business or if it sparks an idea and it’s something that you would like to try out. I’d love to hear about how it all goes.

Do you have a few tiers of products or services you offer your clients?

A survey funnel could be a quick way to generate business revenue using your existing products and services.

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