The 6-Figure Sales Page Formula

Learn how to write a high-converting sales page for your online course, program or service

(One payment of £147 or 2 payments of £75)

Do you want to learn how to write a Sales Page that gets…SALES?

I know there’s a lot of conflicting advice out there on how best to approach writing a sales page.

The one thing that’s absolutely fundamental to everything else (and NEEDS to come first) is your messaging.

When you get crystal clear on who you’re talking to…with a message that is EXACTLY something that person wants…you cannot fail.

Learn the process I used to write a sales page that got a  400% Increase In Conversions

“And as a result of working with Cathy, we signed up 125 members on our latest launch, usually we have 30. So for me…it’s no coincidence that hiring Cathy to write the sales page made this difference.”

Get your hands on a sales page framework that teaches you …


How to write a high converting sales page

You’ll write about what you do with such clarity that you’ll easily convert your audience into clients.


A simple method to cut through the confusion

Writing a sales page for your new offer doesn’t need to be a long and frustrating experience.

I’ve broken down my process into a simple step-by-step formula that’s really easy to implement.


Ditch blank page syndrome forever

Learn how to have everything you need at your fingertips to write compelling, authoritative, engaging, and conversion-focused content

YES! You CAN write a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)

Case Study: Launched 6-Figure Income Stream

“Cathy helped us write the sales copy for an upsell product that made 5 figure profit and looking like it will become 6 figure revenue stream annually.”

Work through this course, and you’ll not only have a high-converting sales page – you’ll learn a skill you can use over and over again to make money in your business.

Hi, I’m Cathy

Copywriting is a mix of art and science, and that sweet spot is truly my zone of genius.

I work with online businesses, primarily in the coaching and therapy spaces, and create conversion-focused copy for online funnels.

I’ve seen first-hand the impact great copy has on business revenue and sales.

And while sales are great, there are also less tangible benefits.

The confidence of knowing you’re connecting with your perfect people.

The joy of creating impact with your work because your words connect with your ideal soul-clients.

Hiring a copywriter comes with a price tag, and I wanted to create something to help those of you not in a position to outsource right now.

And so we have this Sales Page Intensive.

I’ll share the tips, the secrets, the ‘hacks’ I use to write compelling, creative, and conversion-focused copy.

Cathy delivers not only copy that reads like it was me who wrote it, but most importantly, Cathy’s copy converts very well and that what we all want, right? 

-Lenka Lutonska, Mindset & Business Coach

Here’s what’s covered inside the course:

My Sales Copy Formula

This proven framework teaches you how to write an offer that sells your coaching programs (no sleazy tactics in sight).

Learn the 'upside-down' approach to writing your sales page.

This isn’t talked about much in marketing circles, but is the easiest way to write about what you do so that more of your ideal clients sign up to work with you.

Why brainstorming the ‘pain points’ of your ideal client is a bad idea

This way you’ve been taught to think about your audience will burn out your creative energy (and probably miss the mark anyway).

I’ll show you another way that’s much easier (and gets your clients to write 80% of your copy for you).

Learn a little-known way to position yourself as the expert in your space

When I do this for my clients, they get huge clarity for themselves – as well as more of their audience turning from lurkers into buyers

A sneaky little trick for using copywriting templates

 So that you don’t churn out boring words that sound like everyone else in your industry

How to describe the transformations people make when working with you

This is extremely useful for you if you get results all the time, but struggle to articulate what they are.

Oh…but there’s more!

BONUS 1: One month inside The Confident Copy Club

(Value £97)


Weekly group coaching calls

Sessions where we work through any issues or questions that are coming up for you with your strategy or implementation


Weekly copy-clinic sessions

Get my eyes (and fingers) busy editing your sales copy while on a live call. 


Personalised copy feedback

Get a personalised copy-feedback video with actionable edits you can implement straight away.


Procrastination-busting writing sprints

You hop on a Zoom call (cameras on or off…up to you) with others who want to book non-negotiable writing time into their calendar.

I’ll be there on hand if you have questions.

Show up consistently these sessions, and you’ll create a profitable writing habit for your business.


Access to support in the members-only Facebook group.

If you’re stuck or feeling confused, we answer your questions and guide you with your next step – keeping you moving forward consistently

BONUS 2: Uncover Your Brand Message

(Value £47)

Learn the system I use to craft high-converting sales copy for my clients.

✅ Learn why typical ‘client avatar’ exercises don’t work, (and what to do instead).

✅ Find out what your dream clients ACTUALLY want you to help them with (and stop guessing, copying others or making it up as you go.)

✅ Finally understand what your audience is struggling with – and how to tap into the language they use to describe it themselves.

✅ Get insight into how to position yourself as the ONLY choice for the people you’re best positioned to help.

✅ Learn my Customer Voice X-Ray Technique – these are three easy to implement techniques to discover what your market is really struggling with (so you can meet them where they’re at with your messaging).

✅ Create your Messaging Matrix – the blueprint to signing up more of your perfect clients by finding the specific messages that connect with them on that journey.

✅ Create your brand swipe file that contains all the ideas, inspiration and copywriting gold to speak directly to your ideal clients.

✅Get access to the templates and worksheets I use to get my clients to give me 80% of the content I use to write profitable sales copy.

My process is SO easy to follow, that one client wrote her sales page in only 24 hours!

Here’s How It Works

Apart from the online content (that’s yours for life, obviously) you also get the following support:

👉 Live office hour calls

Once a month I run a coaching call for everyone who purchases my DIY products.

👉 Support in my clients-only FB group

Inside the Online Marketing Playground group you can tag me with any questions that come up as you work through the training.

Here’s everything you get inside The 6-Figure Sales Page Formula


The 6-Figure Sales Page Self-Study Course (worth £147)

Learn how to write and structure a sales page that increases conversions on your products and services


One Month Inside The Confident Copy Club (worth £97)

One month of  support, coaching, copy feedback and accountability inside The Confident Copy Community


Uncover Your Brand Voice Mini-Course (worth £47)

How to get inside the head of your ideal client, and write copy that sounds just like them.



Frequently Asked Questions

How long will it take me to write my sales page?

One of my clients went through my process, and had it written in 24 hours.

That’s pretty fast! – but I’ve made it so easy to follow that you should only need a couple of days to get through it all and implement.

The structure is that you write alongside the training, so it’s a do-as-you-go format.

I've already purchased sales page trainings. How is this different?

I’ve seen most of the other templates on the market, and what I’ve created is nothing like that. 

Anything that is ‘plug and play’ or ‘mad libs’ style ends up being confusing and counter-productive (in my opinion).

My approach is different. 

The outline of the sales page is very minimal, and the focus is on writing each ‘piece’ of your message at a time. 

I also don’t encourage you to spend hours bogged down in writing endless pain points. 

Unless you want to – you DON’T have to create a super long sales page.

Is there a money-back guarantee

As this is a digital product, all sales are final. 

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