How to Use Facebook to Spy on Your Competition

Using FB ads to work out how your competitors are targeting your audience

I’m in the process of setting up some Facebook ad campaigns, and so am on a mission to learn everything I can about how they work. And I’ve found the best way to fast-track my learning is have a little spy on how my competition are doing things, and model my strategy on what I learn.

Working out who to target as a cold traffic source is really overwhelming. The only way to really find out, it through trial and error, which can end up being very expensive.

But, you can shortcut some of that learning curve and expense, by gently spying on your competition and seeing who they are targeting with their ads.

You can then use the same cold audience as a starting point for your Facebook ad campaign.

So, next time you see a Facebook ad that would be relevant for YOUR target market, just do the following:

1. Click on the little arrow in the top right corner:

Drop down menu to see which audience in being targeted

2. Click on ‘Why am I seeing this?’

3.  A pop up will appear that gives you insights into why you’ve been targeted for that ad.

Your competition target audience pop up

Easy, huh?

And if you’re not seeing ads from your competition in your news feed?

Just go visit their website and click around a bit. They’ll pick you up with the Facebook pixel installed on their website, and – like magic (or like Big Brother) – you’ll start seeing what it is that they’re up to.

That will put you on their warm traffic list, but other businesses in their niche will pick up on you also.

So, spend those few moments analysing why you’re seeing particular ads, set yourself up a spreadsheet, and before you know it, you’ll have plenty of data and ideas to start applying to your own business.

Cathy Topping

Cathy Topping

Creator - Your Web Toolkit

Cathy is the owner of Your Web Toolkit, where she empowers online entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality.


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