Case Study: Rachael Haley Acupuncture

The brief

Rachael was looking to expand her business and client base. The website was designed to generate leads through local search and social media. And a booking system was needed to allow Rachael’s clients to book their sessions.

The approach

Working with a copywriter, we created SEO-optimised content. I then took the content, and designed and built the website to ensure this copy was optimised for search engines.

I worked closely with the copywriter to ensure that the user journey through the website was aligned with the website goals.

Rachael had only a logo at the start of the process, and so the entire website design was built from that foundation.

The result

Rachael Haley Acupuncturist sits on Page 1 of Google for the relevant terms for Rachael’s business, and she regularly gains new clients through the website.


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