Pinterest Group Boards – are they inflating your page views on Pinterest?

Pinterest Group Boards

If you’ve ever googled the subject of Pinterest (or searched on Pinterest around the topic) – you’ll see a HEAP of posts about how people grew their Pinterest views to dizzying heights.

And while these numbers are seductive, the problem is that page views on Pinterest don’t really tell you very much.

All that number really means is that your pins have been SHOWN that many times on the platform.

And let’s break that down.

A common strategy is to join a gazillion group boards. And to then pin and repin your content across all those group boards, multiple times a day.

Let’s say you’re on a bunch of boards that have hundreds of fellow pinners.

Multiply the number of people on the boards by the number of boards you’re on. Then multiply THAT by the number of times you’re pinning to those boards.

Add in the fact that lots of group boards require you to pin out when you pin in – and if everyone is sticking to the rules – then your pins are going to be seeing a lot of action on Pinterest. In terms of being seen on the platform.

What these numbers don’t tell you, is how much engagement your pins are getting.

And beyond THAT, those numbers don’t say a thing about how much website traffic is being generated.

I’m not saying Pinterest page views are meaningless – there’s definitely some correlation between page views and traffic.

But you need to be sure that your content is aligned with the group boards you’re part of.

And pinning and repinning the same content over and over isn’t necessarily going to bring more traffic (even if it brings more page views on Pinterest).

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