You’ve heard that Pinterest is one of THE BEST tools you can use to drive traffic to your blog and website.

But, how do you set it all up? What are group boards? And what does a Pinterest strategy look like?

What if you could drive targeted traffic to your website every single day? And turn that traffic into reliable, consistent income for your business?

Well, good news! I’ve written a 4-part series right here on my blog, which outlines all the steps you need to take, so start getting targeted website traffic from Pinterest.

The rest of the chapters in this series can be found here:

Chapter 1: Your Pinterest Business Account

Chapter 2: Boards Are Your Secret Weapon`

Chapter 3: Create The Perfect Pin

Chapter 4: Pinning on Autopilot


Pinning on Autopilot

Pinning on autopilot

There are a couple of verydecent tools out there, which help you to automate a lot of the hard work.

So, instead of spending a few hours a day pinning to all those boards you set up, you can slim that down to about 1 hour a week for the same result.


Boardbooster is the first tool I started using. You set up private boards, load them up in one go, and then schedule it to pin to your live boards throughout the day.

It also has a functionality to allow you to loop pins from the bottom back up to the top of boards (great for keeping those pins that link back to your website in circulation).

It’s got a few other features, but what I found was, it gets expensive quickly.

You start off at $5/month, but once you start trying to pin a significant number of pins every day (I’m currently pinning 75 per day), you quickly need to start paying more and more.

I still use Boardbooster for looping pins, but not much else.


Tailwind on the other hand, is GREAT value for money!

Their plans start at $15/month, and for that you can schedule up to 400 pins a month. So, that gives you about 15 pins a day.

If you sign up for their annual plan, you save on a couple of months subscription price, AND can schedule unlimited pins. So, this is how I’m pinning 75 pins a day across my boards.

There’s a browser extension that lets you quickly select multiple pins and then add them to one (or more) boards in one quick hit.

I’m not exaggerating when I say it takes only 1 hour a week, to pin around 500 pins for that week.

There are loads of other cool features too, so I highly recommend you check it out.

Manual pinning

If you don’t want to invest any money in either of these tools, then you’ll need to spend time to achieve a similar result.

Just spread your pinning out across the day, adding content across all of your boards, and you’ll still see some traction. It’s just a slower process than if you automate with these tools.

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