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I create digital assets to help online businesses grow

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Ready to launch your online brand?

I offer a range of web design packages for entrepreneurs with a range of budgets.

Ready to scale up?

If you’re capped out with your 1-on-1 services, let’s get your time back.

Love to DIY?

I have a range of courses to help you build a thriving business on your own terms.

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

As a corporate refugee turned entrepreneur, I’ve been working with businesses both big and small over the years.

I started off in presentation design, but quickly became obsessed with all things digital marketing.

Since then, I’ve ‘pivoted’ more than a few times, and have worked on graphic design projects, through to website builds, delivered online marketing AND I’ve built and sold a range of digital products.

I put all this knowledge and experience to help businesses like yours to thrive online.

Sales funnels for service businesses: The Webinar Funnel

The Webinar Funnel This can be a bit controversial - depending on how many you've signed up for in the past! But done with integrity, value and consistency - a webinar is an extremely valuable way to grow your business.   You can watch the rest of the videos in...

Sales funnels for service businesses: The Content Funnel

The Content Funnel In my experience of building websites for clients, the ones that see the best long-term success are those who invest in a content plan. No matter how well-optimised the website, if you don't keep feeding it quality content aimed at your target...

How to use a survey funnel to generate more sales

 The survey funnel In this video, I'm going to be talking about something called a survey funnel. Of all the funnels I'm talking about in this series, this is probably the one that is the most complicated (mainly because the others are so simple!). But this works...

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