Welcome to the final post in this series – How to Hit 1,000 Subscribers! This is part of an overall series where I share list building tactics to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers in 90 days.

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Guest Expert Roundup

Today’s post is particularly exciting, because I’ve gathered a group of industry experts to share THEIR top tips for growing your email list from zero to 1,000 subscribers.

There are some great nuggets of wisdom in here, so make sure you have a read, and start applying their tips!

Take the time to craft an opt-in that’s truly spectacular.  A well-crafted opt-in with great branding and content will do the work all by itself. In my own experience, a single opt-in can attract hundreds (or thousands) of email subscribers in a very short time over social media. After that, your blog posts and website content should be able to do the rest!

Nathalie Lussier

Founder, AmbitionAlly

My top tip is that you need to get yourself on other people’s platforms, and in front of the audience who are aligned with what you want to say, and what you have to sell. The best way to do this, is a 3-pronged approach:

  1. Identify which sites you can start guest posting for
  2. Appear as a guest on podcasts
  3. Hit relevant Facebook groups (3 of the most engaged in your niche) and start showing up regularly – answering questions, sharing stories and engaging with the other group members
Jill Stanton

Founder, Screw the 9 to 5

If I was starting again and wanted to get my first 1000 email subscribers I would do the following:

  1. Write a blog post with loads of value to my target audience and a Free Gift offer (and make sure my Facebook Pixel is on that post)
  2. Make sure there’s an offer for a low priced product on my optin thank you page AND that my Facebook Pixel is also there
  3. Create a FB Page post from the first part of my blog post, with a link at the end to read more (link to blog post)
  4. Run a simple £5 a day FB picture ad to promote my blog post to my warm audience, website visitors, 25%+ FB Page video watchers, Page Likes etc.
  5. Create an Audience in Facebook Power Editor to capture the details of those who visited the blog post but who don’t optin
  6. Set up a 2nd simple £5-10 a day FB picture ad, making my free offer again, to the above Audience, showing the ad on mobile, newsfeed only
  7. Run the ad until I get 1000 optins, which will be costing me between 50p and £1 (same in dollars)
  8. If the price starts to go up, create a Lookalike Audience and cross reference it to a relevant book, guru or bit of software
  9. Run the ad to this new audience, until I get 1000 optins, which will be costing me between 50p and £1 (same in dollars)
  10. Check each week how much I’ve spent, how much I’ve sold and keep making low priced offers by email to those who opted in but didn’t buy
Nicola Cairncross

Founder, Nicola Cairncross

There are two key components to growing your email list fast. The first is to offer something that solves a problem for your ideal reader. Your offer should be free and it should wow your customer and make them think, “wow, I would have paid for this!” The second is to create scarcity. Put a countdown timer on your opt-in page and tell your audience that your amazing offer will only be available for free for a limited amount of time. The fear of missing out is alive and well, you should capitalize on it!

Monica Froese

Founder, Redefining Moms

Create an opt-in that specifically solves one problem for the one person you want to serve the most in your business. When you’re specific in both these areas, you not only grow your list faster but you also grow your list with people who truly connect with you and what you offer.

Jessica Rodriguez

Founder, Daydream Achievers

My top tip is to get on Pinterest! Pinterest has the potential to drive loads of traffic back to your site. But here’s the catch. You do need to have some pre-work done in order to capture this traffic and convert them to subscribers. You need to optimize your site with opt-in forms in a few places. You also want to supplement your blogposts with content upgrades. Then, create multiple pin mages for each of your blog posts and opt-in freebies and pin them to your own boards and group boards. This increases the volume of pins on Pinterest, gets more eyeballs on your pins and the potential for more of this traffic to convert to subscribers.

Meera Kothand

Founder, Meera Kothand

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