Transform Your Website Visitors Into Dream Clients

You’re the bomb-shizzle at what you do 

You’re an expert in what you do, and your work gets results for your clients.

You’ve been rocking social media (and love it!), but you want to add a less labour-intensive marketing stream to the mix.

You know that your website can pick up the slack and turbo-charge your results, but your current set-up isn’t getting the results you need.

You wish there was a way to pull everything together so that the shining beacon you’ve become on social media, can be tranformed into something that works on auto-pilot.

What if you…

Felt confident sending people to your website...

…knowing that they’ll instantly understand what you do, and whether they’re the right client for you.

Had a proven system...

…that grew your relationship with your audience every day, in a way that didn’t feel like yet another marketing ‘funnel’.

Had more time...

…to focus on new products and services, knowing that your website is helping you serve more of your clients.


The Magnetic Website Funnel

Transform your website visitors into dream clients.

Unlock Your Brand Essence

The one that’s 100% aligned with you and your vision for your business.

We do this by looking at your brand personality, and aligning this with a specific archetype.

This gives us a framework to create unique messaging that pulls the perfect clients into your orbit.

Create Your Magic Wand Freebie

Using your most profitable offer, we examine the real core of your genius and how you get results.

From this we create your ‘Magic Wand’ freebie – an introduction to how you are uniquely positioned to solve a very specific problem for your clients.

This does two important jobs:

  • Getting your perfect clients signing up to your email list because they can’t wait another second to get their hands on your offering
  • Sending those who aren’t a good fit running in the other direction (and hopefully into the arms of someone who IS a good fit for them)

This isn’t about growing a bloated email list in record time.

It’s about building relationships with the people you’re in the best position to support and help.

Write Your Irresistible Brand Story

You want to hit your audience right in the solar plexus. Connect with them at a gut level.

Your story is magnetic and irresistible to the right people. When structured well, your dream clients will lap it all up, and be impatient to start working with you right away.

We weave your story into a clear and compelling structure that outlines exactly what you do, and who you do it for.


How it works

All it takes is one glorious month together to:

Marry Your Brand to Your Offer

This is our initial deep-dive call.

I’ll find out what makes you tick, and what’s really driving your business and goals.

We ask you some deep (and fun!) questions, to uncover your brand archetype that’s hiding away beneath the surface.

This becomes the framework for the rest of our work together.

We’ll also probe around into your most profitable and clearly defined offer.

The result?

Finally, you’ll have congruence between you, your brand, and your main service.

All in the space of a couple of hours.

Write Your Brand Story

Here’s where we go off and do our thing, and you get back to the bits you love about your business.

We pick apart everything you told us on our call, and weave it into a service offering that combines your values, backstory and client transformations.

No more boring and uninspiring laundry lists of ‘stuff’ that your audience has to wade through when doing their research.

Instead, you’ll have a compelling and conversion-driven brand story connected powerfully to your most profitable service.

Next? It’s time to turn that story into the stuff that sells.

Sell Your Service Straight From Your Website

Most websites services pages are little more than a blah-blah list of what you do.

Instead of following that tired (and ineffective) template – treat your high-ticket offer page with the loving attention that it deserves.

Give your audience all of the information they need to make an informed decision about working with you.

That way, there’s no need for long-winded discovery calls, or getting on the phone with people who aren’t invested in the work.

In a nutshell, we write and build a landing page for your high-ticket offer directly onto your website.

Or onto a 3rd party system. Whichever works for you.

Storytelling Email Sequence

So, you’ve got the freebie. 

You’ve got the landing page. 

Now we need something to keep building the relationship with your audience. 

The final step in our work together is a 5-series email sequence.

Because not everyone is ready to buy from you straight away, and you want to be there when they do decide it’s time. 

But these aren’t spammy, icky, bro-marketing emails.

They tell your story, encourage conversation, and create the engagement that matters between you and your audience.


I am truly thrilled with the website and other design pieces Cathy has created for my company.

I also wanted to say a massive thank you, as for the first time ever I have all my sessions sold out with people on the wait list.

Becca Hoddinott, The Natural Cook Company

Who’s it for

If you help people, have strong values, and are making money – we’ll be a good fit.

You've been doing this a while

You know your audience and your offer.

You’re consistently making sales.

You now need your website to step up and earn its keep.


You have a service that you charge at least $3K for

I want you to be able to recoup your investment quickly, and this will happen with just 1 new client during the time we work together.

Beyond that, I want you to be able to see a 10-20x ROI over the course of the following 12 months, as you see your funnel regularly bringing new clients into your orbit. 

You have an audience

It doesn’t have to be a huge audience, but you’ve put in the work to be visible.

We use your website to scale your visibility, and the quickest way to get an ROI on your investment, is to focus on what you know works.

So you need to have a good idea of where we can start, so you can grow.

Cathy definitely knows her stuff and has built my whole site. She truly is the best and would refer her to everyone I know. Which I have done once already and she did amazing work for that person too.

Michelle Weinstein, The Pitch Queen

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