The List Builder's Toolkit

How would it feel to see your email list growing steadily every day?

You’re a savvy entrepreneur. You KNOW that growing your email list is something you should be focusing on.

It seems that everywhere you look, people are talking about how having a gigantic list has transformed their business.

But you’ve tried growing your list, and it feels like an epic, uphill battle.

Does any of this sound familiar?
You spend loads of time writing great content. You’re getting a trickle of traffic, but no-ones jumping onto your email list. Do they hate what you’re writing?

You work out how to put an opt-in form on your website (hurrah!). But why’s no-one signing up to your newsletter?

You have some people on your list, but you don’t know what to say to them. You’re worried about emailing too much, or not enough. And how do you even know that they’re paying attention?

I hate to break it to you, but…
You’re using out-dated strategies that take up all your time for very little result.
It really doesn’t have to be so hard. Here’s the good news…

Getting to 1000 subscribers...

….isn’t an unobtainable dream. Yes, YOU can see that sort of growth on your email list, and in a much shorter time-frame than you might imagine

Getting more sales…

…will be easier and more consistent, once you get a handle on your list building and email marketing

Getting more traffic…

…to your website isn’t some darkly guarded secret available only to the initiated. Imagine seeing more and more visitors to your website every month?

Attracting the right audience…

…is key to making sure you build a list of people who WANT to buy from you. And that’s easier than you think.

Introducing: The List Builder’s Toolkit
Build a list of raving fans who can’t wait to buy from you.
Focusing on growing your list supports all the other parts of your business – THAT is the real secret to why email marketing is such a driver of business growth.
The List Builder’s Toolkit will teach you:

How to attract the right sort of client to your business

How to optimise your website to get more subscribers

Free list building strategies

Facebook advertising strategies

How to communicate authentically with the people on your list

How to create automated systems that put everything on autopilot

Let’s take a look at what the course covers
10 list-boosting modules, chock full of tutorials and downloads


We make sure that you’re targeting the right people, so that you get a list bursting full of engaged and happy subscribers.

7 video tutorials, and 7 worksheets. Lots to keep you on track!



You need to pick the best topic and the right format so that you create IRRESISTIBLE lead magnets.

6 video tutorials and 6 worksheets


We dive deep into the different ways to get maximum subscribers from your website visitors. Chances are you’re doing this all wrong.

6 video tutorials, and snippets of code that you just copy/paste into your site.


In this module we slay your tech gremlins. I show you exactly how to link everything together. With zero headaches.

7 video tutorials, snippets of code, email templates and worksheets. And…you get a FREE MONTH of ConvertKit to try out. 



I share a comprehensive blogging strategy that not only brings subscribers onto your list, but boosts your authority and brings you to the attention of influencers in your niche.

3 video tutorials, 3 worksheets and email templates.


Pinterest is one of the best ways to drive organic traffic to your blog posts. Combined with everything you learn in Modules 1-4, you’ll have a winning strategy to explode your email list

6 video tutorials, snippets of code, and free trials to Pinterest-specific scheduling software.


Share your knowledge and expertise with webinar masterclasses. No need to pay for expensive software (unless you want to), as I show you exactly how to set this up for free. 

3 video tutorials and 3 worksheets.


Don’t toil away in a bubble. Nurture and leverage relationships with other entrepreneurs, to seriously fast-track your list building and business success.

4 video tutorials (and 4 separate strategies), 3 worksheets, and email templates


There are cost-effective ways to leverage Facebook ads to fast-track your list growth. We also go into a strategy to help you cover those costs (so Facebook pays YOU to advertise your business) 

6 video tutorials and 6 worksheets.



There’s no point having a list if you don’t know how to communicate with them. I share some easy to implement strategies to keep your list engaged, while keeping things running on autopilot.

4 video tutorials and email templates.

What’s included in the course

Each lesson has video tutorials, or worksheets (sometime both) to help you implement what you’ve learned.

Anything technical will be explained through video, so you can watch over my shoulder as I show you how to set things up.


There will be a private Facebook group where you can get to know each other, help each other, and share your wins.

I’ll regularly pop in to personally answer any questions that crop up.

You get full access to ConvertKit for one month. That way you can play around with forms and sequences, and get a good handle on how everything comes together.
I’ll regularly add new content to keep the teaching and strategies up-to-date and relevant.

By getting in now, you lock in your access to this improvements for the lifetime of this course.

Meet Tom
“Cathy took a really holistic approach to my whole marketing strategy, and made some fantastic suggestions. She really knows her stuff inside out.”

– Tom Greenwood, Greenwood Photos

If this is the solution you’ve been waiting for…

You can get started today!

Who’s behind this course?

Hi there, I’m Cathy! For the best part of 10 years, I’ve been working as a designer in one form or another, mostly in corporate-land, but also working as a team member for small business owners, and freelancing in agencies.

I became my own boss in 2012, and it has been the most successful and satisfying experience I’ve ever had so far! I love designing for others, but the learning curve I’ve been on these last few years has created a sweet spot where I truly feel I’ve got something useful to give.

Although my background is design, through these years of being self-employed I’ve had to learn a lot about online marketing.

And when I started focusing on building my email list, the whole tone of my business shifted. It really has been a game changer for me (and I say this as someone who is DEEPLY cynical about the online marketing game)

I’ve seen first-hand the power that building your email list can have on your business. And I want to help you learn how to apply these strategies to your business.

I want this course to be a space for you to experiment, learn and implement new ideas, and grow in confidence within your business model.


Let’s recap what you get:

You have lifetime access to all 10 modules

Lifetime access to the private Facebook group where you can ask questions, anytime

One month free to try out ConvertKit

Got questions?
I've got zero subscribers on my list, is the course for me?
Absolutely! Everyone starts somewhere, and once you get some systems in place, you’ll be amazed to watch your list start growing and getting momentum.
How long is the course going to run?
This is a totally self-directed course, so there is no restrictions on time.

If you spend 2-3 hours a week, refining and working on a strategy, you’ll start to see momentum in your list growth almost straight away.

As with anything, you get back what you put in.

I'm not in the online marketing niche - do I still need an email list?
No matter what industry you’re in, and email list should be part of your marketing arsenal. It’s the only content that you TRULY own – all the other platforms could disappear tomorrow, taking your FB likers and Twitter followers. An email list is also a great way to really connect with your audience.
I'm interested in hearing more about the Facebook ads module
I’ll be upfront, the module around Facebook ads isn’t a comprehensive course for Facebook advertising.

It will help you get your pixels set up, understand who to target, and how to set up Facebook ads in the Power Editor.

The focus will be on using Facebook to grow your email list, rather than complex strategies for sales and funnels.

Sign up today and you get access to the entire toolkit straight away.