Welcome to the fourth post in this series – How to Hit 1000 Subscribers! This is part of an overall series where I share list building tactics to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers in 90 days.

To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the previous posts:

How to hit 1,000 subscribers

Before we dive in, though, let’s recap what you’ve done so far:

  • Created lead magnets and landing pages for the lead magnets
  • Added opt-in forms to your website
  • Publishing weekly blog posts
  • Sharing snippets from your blog posts across social media
  • Streaming weekly Facebook live videos
  • Running video ads to get more people seeing your videos
  • Pitched and published a couple of guest posts
  • Have run your first masterclass

No-one said there wasn’t work involved!

But hopefully you’re getting into a routine with all this stuff, and you should be seeing a return in website traffic and subscribers on your list. 

That’s your incentive to keep going!

To hit your goal of 1000 subscribers this month, you need to add just a couple more strategies to the mix.

A step by step breakdown of how to go from zero to 1000 subscribers

Co-host a masterclass

So far, you’ve been working on building up your own audience. Now, you want to start leveraging the audiences of others.

With all the content you’ve been creating, and the increased visibility for your brand, you’re in a great position to reach out to people who have bigger audiences, and grab some of attention.

Here’s how this breaks down:

Step 1: Make a list of 5 people in your niche that you would feel comfortable approaching. They don’t have to be rockstars in the industry, just other people who might share your target audience.
Step 2: Create a webinar idea that you think would benefit their audience and that you would find easy to teach. You’ve been practicing this, so hopefully you’re feeling more confident about the whole Masterclass thing
Step 3: Pitch the webinar idea to the people on your list (giving free value to their audience). Or, you and the person you’re approaching could co-host the webinar, if that feels appropriate.
Step 4: Create a landing page for the webinar, and get your partner to invite their audience
Step 5: Use the same organic channels and FB video ads to promote the webinar

By getting in front of a whole new audience, you should see a big jump in your subscriber list as a result.

You don’t have to do this sort of thing every month, but if you do it a few times a year, it’s a great way to get a big boost of traffic to your site, and add an influx of people onto your list.

Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers in 90 Days

Facebook Retargeting Ads

If you want to invest a bit more money into your Facebook ads campaign, you can run retargeting ads to the warm audiences you’ve been building up.

All those Facebook live videos? You can create an audience on Facebook of anyone who has watched your videos, and send them ads to sign up for the relevant lead magnet. As they’re a warmer audience – they’ve already been introduced to you and your brand – the cost per conversion onto your list is going to be lower than if you just tried sending ads to a completely cold audience.

You don’t have to spend tonnes of money either. Maybe budget $50 a month, and see how you go.

Bonus tip: create a low-cost course or offer for people who come through via these Facebook ads. You’ll probably find that the small percentage of people who buy that offer will offset the cost of the ads. Get it right, and Facebook is paying YOU to grow your list!

Let’s recap

Mostly you’re going to keep doing what you’ve been doing already. But you’re going to add a couple of key strategies to the mix:

  • Co-host a webinar with someone in your industry
  • Run Facebook retargeting ads
  • Create a low cost offer to start offsetting the cost of those ads

Keep at it, and – wow! – look at your list 🙂

Next week I’ve got a juicy round-up post coming at you. People who’ve been there and done it, are sharing their best tips for how THEY grew their list at the beginning. (There are a couple of names in there that I’m sure you’ll recognise!)

Don’t miss out on this one! Stay in the loop!

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