Are you Harnessing the Power of Facebook Groups?

There’s a good chance that if you’re looking for clients or customers for your business, you’ll find them on Facebook. And a really great way to genuinely connect, is through Facebook groups.

Facebook groups are proving to be a business changer for many people, and so I wanted to share some of the nuggets I’ve been picking up.

I’ve tried it myself, and it really does seem to work.

1. Join Facebook groups where your target audience is hanging out

I bet that without too much time searching, you’ll find a Facebook Group (or 10!), housing lots of examples of your ideal customer or client.

Big groups are great for gleaning lots of valuable information about what their needs, fears and desires are.

Simply spend some time lurking, searching through and analysing the conversations, and you’ll end up with loads of information that you can apply to your business.

2. Be active in the Facebook groups

If you want to create more visibility for your brand, you can start by standing up and making yourself noticed.

Check group rules for what you can and can’t post, and then share useful information that is helpful to your target audience.

This isn’t licence to be all sales-ey. Just try to contribute and add value, and you will start getting noticed.

I’ve seen members of communities in which I’m a part, generate growth and traction for their businesses by doing this.

I gave it a go myself last week, and as a result of just a couple of posts, my email subscribers jumped and I got a couple of new enquiries. So yes…it works!

3. Create your own group

This is the place where you start gathering ‘your’ people around you.

It’s a place where you can really get to know those who are sharing your journey.

I have a group  (you can join here if you like), and some of my favourite moments have been when I’ve seen members connect with each other.

4. Make genuine connections

I’d say I’ve only really be getting involved in Facebook groups for the past couple of months.

In that time I have made some really great and genuine connections.

As a result, I’ve been on a podcast,, have been invited to submit for a book, and will possibly be featuring as a guest expert in someone else’s group.

The business networking advantages aside, it’s the best platform I’ve found to just meet lots of like-minded people who are on a similar life and business journey.

It’s really quite awesome.

Are you a member of any Facebook groups? I’d love to hear any good/bad experiences you might have had.

Cathy Topping

Cathy Topping

Creator - Your Web Toolkit

Cathy is the owner of Your Web Toolkit, where she empowers online entrepreneurs to turn their business dreams into reality.


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