Welcome to the second post in this series that I’ll be releasing over the next few weeks, where I share some list building tactics to help you get your first 1,000 subscribers in 90 days.

To keep everything nice and tidy, here’s the link to the other posts in the series:

Getting your first 100 subscribers.

Before we dive in, though, let’s recap what you’ve done so far:

  • Created (at least) 1 lead magnet
  • Created a landing page for the lead magnet
  • Added opt-in forms to your website

If you followed some of the steps in last week’s post, and tidied up your blog posts while adding relevant lead magnets, you should start seeing a gradual uptake on your list.

These are all coming through organic traffic – Google and Pinterest (if you have a Pinterest account) – and so it can take some time for things to pick up steam.

SEO is a long-term game so you won’t see crazy results quickly, but over time it will definitely add bulk to your overall list building strategy.

But let’s look at what you can do in the next 30 days to get those first 100 subscribers.

Hitting 100 email subscribers can feel like a real hurdle, so once you see that number pinging your list, get ready for giddy feelings of excitement and achievement!

Get Your First 100 Subscribers in 30 days. Includes free roadmap checklist


Step 1: Create social media content

Over the course of the next month, the aim of the game is to get people landing on your landing page (geddit!!)

Create 4-6 small posts, targeted to the topic of your lead magnet, that you can share across your social media networks.

You’re going to schedule these posts to your social media accounts, to go out once a week for the next few weeks.

Each post should have a compelling image to go along with it, so don’t skimp on the details. If you haven’t acquainted yourself with Canva yet, now is a good time.

Share on social media

When you share them on your social media accounts, you need to be very clear about the benefits you’re providing, and WHY someone should click through and read your post.

If you don’t have a large social media presence of your own, why not ask your friends. You’d be surprised what you get if you just ask (and probably even more surprised by just how many people in your social networks will GET what it is you’re trying to do). Make it really easy for them to share by providing the text, images – everything ready to go.

Update your profile links. Across all your social media platforms, make sure you’ve got links back to your preferred landing page included.

Facebook live

Here’s where things get interesting

After you’ve published your weekly post, create a Facebook live-stream, sharing a tip or exercise related to the blog post you’ve published, or the freebie you’ve got alongside it.

You don’t have to hop on for hours, even 5-10 minutes is good. It’s a fab way of getting yourself out there, and getting noticed.

In the post, make sure you include some intro text, as well as a link back to the blog post, so that when people are viewing your video, they can click the link to find out more.

Make sure you stream from your Facebook Page (not your group), as you’ll get more organic reach, and you’ll also be adding the people who watch your videos to your Audience bucket (more on Facebook ads in a later post).

You can share your livestream to your FB group (if you have one), or even stream to both your page and group at the same time.

Get Your First 1000 Email Subscribers in 90 Days


Share in Facebook Groups

It’s getting harder to get noticed in FB groups, and turning up and dropping your links will likely get you kicked out of many of them.

Make sure you stick by the rules, and only share on theme days (if that’s how they’re set up).

Engage in the groups (pick just a few so you’re not spending LOADS of time in Facebook), and then add your resource link when its appropriate, or if people ask.

You can also grab a paragraph of the best content from your blog post, edit it as needed, and share it in the groups. Most groups have a no links rule, so make sure your personal FB page is set up well to guide anyone interested in checking you out, back to your page.

(You’ve got a banner for your freebie at the top of your FB page, right? Get that sorted!)

Guest post

Pick 3 well-researched websites and pitch a guest post. Write an epic post around the topic that your lead magnet is about, and make sure that the bio link goes back to your landing page.

When the post goes live, you’ll see a sweet spike in your subscribers, that should push you up to (or above) the 100 mark we’re aiming for.


I can’t emphasise this enough. You need to actually follow these steps, and put in the work.

There’s no magic pill here, you’ve just got to show up, do what you need to do, and I promise you, you’ll see the results.

These first steps will get you in the habit of creating content and showing up. To make the big jump to 500 subscribers, we’ll take what you’ve been doing so far, and build on it, but we’ll get into that next week.

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