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Automatic sales that tick over behind the scenes

Don’t put all your eggs in the social media basket

Email strategies and sequences that grow your audience and revenue automatically.

Social media burnout.

It’s a thing, right?

Getting clients through socials is brilliant, but comes with a whole bunch of negative side effects.


👉 Having to keep coming up with ideas for content. It feels like a never-ending treadmill of writing, singing, and (in the case of reels) literally dancing.

👉 Having to ‘show up’ day after day after day. Social media is a hungry, insatiable content beast. It’s NEVER satisfied. You share content, if you’re lucky it has a moment or two in the spotlight, and then…gone. The next day, you have to feed the beast again. It’s exhausting, right?

👉 Getting triggered by all the crap you see while on social media, and it slowing down your business growth. I know this happens to me. So many opinions just sort of SEEP into your brain…without you even noticing. And you find yourself second-guessing yourself because of what you saw on someone else’s highlight ree

And even if you’ve got a team doing all the work (and buffering you from the potential side effects)…you’re still at the mercy of the algorithms.

This is why adding email to your strategy is vital – for your bottom line AND the longevity of  your business.

Case Study: 5-figure launch

“Cathy had the course up and selling within 2-3 weeks of our initial conversation”

Meet Alex!

She’s an EMDR therapist and EMDR supervisor, who helps therapists create thriving practices.

She was tapped out with her 1-on-1 work, and wanted to launch an online course to help more people in her audience. 

Where we began…

Alex already had the course created, so we needed to put it onto a course platform, and create email sequences to launch it to her warm audience.

The process we went through…

  • Step 1: We looked at the feedback and testimonials that Alex’s supervisees had given her over the years – looking for hooks and ideas for her launch.
  • Step 2: We created a beta-launch strategy, and created an email sequence  to sell the first round of the course
  • Step 3: We created a freebie to bring new people into her world consistently

    The Outcome…

    The initial beta launch brought in around £6K from a small list of 200.

    Within 3 months we hit 5-figures by growing her list and sending them through carefully crafted email sequences.


    Email Marketing Packages

    Done-for-you launch email copywriting to grow your business to six-figures (and beyond)


    Step 1 - Research + Strategy

    One of the things we love about writing copy is completely immersing ourselves into our client’s business.

    Through your testimonials and reviews as well as some super-duper market research, we spend time seeing what’s going on in the world of your audience, and how we can position you for THE best launch ever.

    (Sidenote: this is why we only work with businesses who are doing work we totally believe in…we can’t get fully involved unless we’re 1000% on board with what you do).

    When we’re done with this phase, we know your audience as well as you do, and we’re ready to take your message out to meet your people where they’re at.


    Step 2 - Writing + Messaging

    This is the bit our team get to work doing our thang.

    We write ALL the words for your email campaign that we’ve agreed on.

    By combining everything from the research phase with what we’ve uncovered about YOU and your brand, we craft a message that’s uniquely you.


    Step 3 - The Results

    After we’ve run the campaign and hit pre-agreed targets, we’ll get together for a debrief session.

    I’ll look at your numbers – conversion rates, where and why people fell off along the way.

    We’ll look at how to improve these numbers, and make your campaign more profitable over time.

    The Packages



    A set of 5 emails for people who are new to your list


    I’ll carefully craft these emails using proven sales psychology - walking the tightrope of nurturing the new relationship while still encouraging them to invest with you.


    Perfect if you’re growing your list (and even more perfect if you’ve got a welcome sequence that currently isn’t pulling its weight)



    A launch sequence set of 10 emails


    We’ll warm up your list, generate curiosity and then get the sales pouring in


    We can craft this for a launch cycle, or we can create an evergreen sales sequence - we’ll discuss the best option for you on your discovery call


    Create a set-and-forget audience growth booster system that brings in leads every day (and then generates sales).



    3 x FB posts to promote your freebie. You can cycle these through your organic content, or put some money behind them with ads if you’re ready to turbocharge your marketing


    A landing page for your freebie. I’ve done loads of these over the years, and the formula I use always converts better than average


    Includes a Connect and Convert email sequence (see above).

    Cathy delivers not only copy that reads like it was me who wrote it, but most importantly, Cathy’s copy converts very well and that what we all want, right? 

    -Lenka Lutonska, Mindset & Business Coach


    How long to start?

    I generally have a 2-4 week window before being able to start new projects, so if you have something coming up, then get in touch sooner rather than later, so I can get you booked into our calendar.

    I occasionally will take on urgent work, but if I do this, will charge a rush fee of 30% on top of the project quote.

    This is because to accommodate I’ll need to move other projects around.

    What sort of businesses do you work with?

    I’ve worked with all sorts of businesses over the years.

    The common denominator is that they have a product or service that they sell online.

    Do you offer payment plans?

    Absolutely. We take a deposit to kick off all projects, and then stagger payments throughout the time we work together.

    How long does it take?

    Most projects take in the region of 4 weeks to complete.

    Am We The Right Copywriting Team For Your Launch?

    Our packages are perfect for you if you have a PROVEN product or service and you have an ENGAGED audience.

    Here’s what we mean by that…

    You have a ‘PROVEN’ product or service

    You’ve gotten results for your clients, and have reviews and testimonials from them

    You’re confident in your product or service, and you know your place within your niche or marketplace

    You’ve sold this particular offer to clients in the past, or you’re launching a variation of a product or service you’ve sold in the past.

    For example:


    You’re scaling up an existing signature offer


    You’re launching a digital product as an offshoot of your established or signature program or service


    You’re turning a 1-on-1 service into a group program


    You’re launching an online version of a service you currently deliver offline (we’ve worked with Fitness Pros who do this successfully)

    You have an engaged audience

    What I mean by this is that:


      You’ve been doing your ‘thing’ for a while


      You have people in your world that know you for your ‘thing’, and


      You’ve been marketing to them for a while already.

      You don’t have to have a MASSIVE audience, but you do need to be super clear on who you serve, and what you’re offering them.

      Part of what we work on together is building your audience for the launch, but you need to have an idea of what works already…from your current audience.

      Businesses We’ve Worked With

      • Fitness Pros
      • Nutritionists
      • Medical Professionals
      • Wellness Professionals
      • Coaches
      • Mindset Experts
      • Subscription Box Businesses

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