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On this page you’ll find all the digital products that are available in my business.

👉 If you love to DIY, you'll find plenty of options

I love coming up with new ideas and creating products around them, so there will be plenty of new products being created over time.

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Uncover Your Brand Message ($19)

✅Learn the system I use to craft high-converting sales copy for my clients

✅ Find out what your dream clients ACTUALLY want you to help them with (and stop guessing, copying others or making it up as you go.)

✅ Learn my Customer Voice X-Ray Technique – these are three easy to implement techniques to discover what your market is really struggling with (so you can meet them where they’re at with your messaging).

Lead Magnets For List Building ($49)

There’s an art and a science to creating a lead magnet that attracts PERFECT people into your world…


✅ Creating the perfect Lead Magnet in an afternoon

✅ No more generic lead magnets that don’t solve an actual problem for your audience.

✅ No more pending too much time creating long-complicated ebooks that no-one ever reads.

Audience Growth Booster ($99)

Create a set-and-forget audience growth system that brings in leads every day (and then generates sales).

Three easy steps…

✅ Create an ‘impossible to resist’ registration page for your lead magnet

✅ Create a Connect and Convert email sequence that quickly turns new subscribers into clients and customers

✅ Craft client-magnet content that attracts perfect people into your world

The Client Attraction Roadmap ($99)

Spend 10-20 minutes/day writing posts that get more people enquiring about your products and services. 

The 6-Figure Sales Page Formula ($350)

✅Learn how to write a sales page that turns lurkers into buyers (even if you hate writing ‘copy’)

✅ Discover the process I used to write a sales page that got a 400% increase in conversions

✅ Ditch blank page syndrome forever.
Learn how to have everything you need at your fingertips to write compelling, authoritative, engaging, and conversion-focused content

Websites That Convert ($497)

What if you could write website copy that leaves no doubt with your readers that YOU are perfect for them?


✅ Getting more perfect clients booking in for discovery calls…

✅ Becoming known as THE go-to coach in your niche…

✅ Feeling confident that your website is communicating so well with your potential clients, that they’re utterly convinced you’re their perfect match

The Confident Copy Club (from $67)

✅ Learn to write sales copy that’s authentically ‘you’, AND resonates with your audience.

✅ Learn systems and create habits that make it easy to consistently promote your business.

✅ Then sign up more clients, earn a consistent income, and make a bigger impact through your work.

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75+ Email Subject Lines

Over 75 emails subjects lines that you can use for inspiration and brainstorming when staying in touch with your email list.


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