FREE COURSE: how to create compelling lead magnets that will explode your email list

Growing your list is hands-down the best investment you can make in growing your business.
That’s what all the experts say, anyway. And while there is plenty of BS out there in the online marketing world, list building is actually a great tactic.

The trick to doing it well?

Creating an irresistible lead magnet to attract the right sort of people to you.

Lead Magnets for List Building
You know you should be building an email list
But you’re not really sure how to go about it.

Let me show you how to create and deliver an irresistible lead magnet that will get your email list growing every day.

What the course covers
Over the course of 9 emails, I’ll walk you through the steps you need to take to create an irresistable lead magnet, and how to use it to get more subscribers on your list.
Lesson 1: What is a lead magnet?
In this lesson we go through what a lead magnet is, and the key boxes your lead magnet should tick if you want it to be irresistable.
Lesson 2: Setting Foundations
Before we dive into anything about lead magnets, sales funnels or email marketing, you need to work the following: Who is Your Ideal Client?

So, you’re going to spend some time getting a good idea of what your ideal client is like, and what makes them tick, so you can create a lead magnet that is irresistible to them specifically.

Lesson 3: Define Your Goals
Alongside knowing who you’re creating your content for, it’s also important to know what your goal is for the email addresses that you’re collecting.

We’ll look at the types of goals you could be aiming for, and I’ll share some real world examples to help spark your creativity.

Lesson 4: Pick the Topic for Your Lead Magnet
We’ll brainstorm a process for helping you pick a topic for your lead magnet that’s aligned with your ideal customer AND your marketing goals.
Lesson 5: Pick the Best Format for Your Lead Magnet
I’ll share a process to help you pick the best format for your lead magnet.

(Spoiler alert – it’s most certainly NOT an ebook).

There are lots of options to choose between, and so it’s important to work out the best format for your ideal client, that is something you can create in just a couple of hours.

Lesson 6: Create Your Lead Magnet
Not sure which tools to use? I’ll share a list of free tools to match the format you choose, for example PDF or video (plus a couple more ideas that you might not have thought of!)
Lesson 7: Where to place your lead magnets
Learn how to turn your website visitors into email subscribers. You need to be strategic in where you’re placing your opt-ins, and I’ll share my tips around doing this.

Confused about what a landing page is? Don’t worry – we cover that too.

Lesson 8: Delivering Your Lead Magnet
This is the piece of the puzzle that trips many people up – how to connect everything together with your email autoresponder.
Lesson 9: Promoting your Lead Magnet
An overview of some of the traffic ideas available to you, so you start getting eyeballs on your website, and subscribers to your list!