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Take a look at some of our wins below:

Rachael Haley – Acupuncturist

The brief

Rachael was looking to expand her business and client base. The website was designed to generate leads through local search and social media. And a booking system was needed to allow Rachael’s clients to book their sessions.

The approach

Working with a copywriter, we created SEO-optimised content. I then took the content, and designed and built the website to ensure this copy was optimised for search engines.

I worked closely with the copywriter to ensure that the user journey through the website was aligned with the website goals.

Rachael had only a logo at the start of the process, and so the entire website design was built from that foundation.

The result

Rachael Haley Acupuncturist sits on Page 1 of Google for the relevant terms for Rachael’s business, and she regularly gains new clients through the website.


Cathy helped me launch my new business with her website design. She was easy to work with, patient with specific requests and designed a website that ranked on page 1 of google searches within the first month or two (in a completive market). 

– Rachael Haley

The Natural Cook Company

The brief

The company had a website on Wix that they had built themselves. The functionality for booking classes wasn’t intuitive or easy to use. They had feedback from their customers that the website was hard to navigate, and as a result…they were losing sales.

The approach

We consulted with Becca – the business owner – and recommended that we build the website and then integrate it with a 3rd party booking system.

This meant the booking functionality was created on a stable and proven platform. The front end of the website’s job is to help users navigate the class options, and make it easy and intuitive to book classes.

We have also worked on the site’s local SEO, getting the business ranked on Google Maps.

The result

Clients and customers are now able to easily book onto classes via the website.

We have also installed a waiting list system so that Becca knows how much interest there is in a particular class or cuisine – and is able to organise classes in response to what her clients want. 

The success of her after-school clubs has meant she is opening extra sessions to keep up with the demand, her birthday parties are booked out months in advance, and she is launching bespoke corporate packages.


The Pitch Queen

The brief

Michelle was a launching a new online sales coaching business.

She markets her business through weekly podcasts, FB live shows and content marketing.

The website needed to reflect the high-end vibe of Michelle’s brand, as well provide a platform to collect the inbound leads from her podcasts and shows.

The approach

We rolled out the Pitch Queen brand identity across the website build.

We integrated the podcast shows, and created training videos to allow Michelle and her team to regularly update the website with her new weekly content.

The website was connected to Michelle’s CRM, allowing her to capture leads through the website, by offering a downloadable ebook.

We also integrated the website with a messenger bot, which helped to grow The Pitch Queen audience on Facebook.

The result

Since launching the site, Michelle has expanded her business to target a second listener base.

She has also launched a successful and profitable online course. 

The website has supported this growth, allowing Michelle to grow her email list, and client base – and is a valuable marketing asset for The Pitch Queen.


Robyn Hessinger – Intuitive Coach

The brief

Robyn had built her own website, but wasn’t getting the traction or leads from it that she was hoping for. In 2019 she is planning to focus more on marketing and visibility, and needs her website to be up to the job of capturing visitors.

The approach

I didn’t feel that Robyn needed a full rebrand and website redesign. I suggested a website refresh – focusing mostly on the customer journey through her website. The 2 main goals of the website are:

  • To book more discovery calls with potential mentor clients
  • To create a waiting list for a group coaching program which will be launched in 2019.

The result

Previous to the website refresh, Robyn hadn’t been generating leads from the site.

Within 7 days of launching the new layout, she had a discovery call booked, and 2 people join the VIP list.

As she puts together a marketing plan for 2019, Robyn is now confident that her website will further support her business goals. 


Castle Wind Offshore

The brief

Castle Wind is working on bringing on offshore wind-farm to Morro Bay in California. 

They needed a website that highlights the project, and where they can share regular updates and press releases during key stages of the process.

The approach

We consulted with the main stakeholders of the business and recommended a WordPress website with a blogging platform. 

We also included recommendations for a contact form to capture queries from website visitors.

The result

We created a mobile-responsive website that is easy to navigate and puts the user experience first.

Incorporating a blogging platform, it is easy for the website to be updated with regular news and press release updates.

A contact form captures enquiries from interested parties who find out about the project through the website.

Garrain Jones – Speaker and Influencer

The brief

Garrain has a truly inspiring story of rebuilding his life from the bottom up.

He takes his message to a huge audience and inspires people to be better versions of themselves every day.

He needed an online home to fully grow into his brand. 

The approach

Garrain had a logo and brand identity, and we worked very closely with him, to ensure that his website reflected this look and feel.

Garrain’s website is a hub for him to connect with his community, as well as space for clients to book speaking gigs, and a way to grow his email list for a book launch.

The result

The website supports all of these goals, and as a result Garrain’s audience is steadily moving across from social media, onto his email list.


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