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Five Unmistakable Signs That Your Business Is Ready For a Rebrand


1. You know exactly where you sit within your niche

You’re so clear on your niche, that you have vivid and complicated dreams where you and your ideal client are besties on a runaway yacht.

Being chased by a dragon. That’s playing a guitar and singing Neil Diamond songs.

(That’s what they mean by dream client, right?)

You KNOW your audience, your niche, and your superpower. So why have you started feeling like you’re treading water again?

2. You cringe a bit when you look at your online bits and bobs

You heave a deep, deep sigh when you think about all the bits of you scatter-gunned across the internet.

It makes you cringe. But also feel proud. (It’s complicated, I know).
All your internet bits are the legacy of the work you’ve gone through and the progress you’ve made so far.

You’re right to feel weirdly proud.

But, my friend, it’s time. Time to tidy things up because it’s getting confusing for everyone now.

3. Your business feels different on the inside to how it looks on the outside

Your business is no longer a pipe-dream. It’s an actual thing. That YOU created.
It’s been a messy, glorious, terrifying, whirlwind of learning and soul-searching. And it ain’t over. Not even close.
But all those feels on the inside? I know they feel great (which is great) but feeling great isn’t the key to greatness.
Inside-ey feels don’t smash revenue goals. To soar the heights of success, you’ve got to work out how to pin those feels onto your outsides.
Look, no-one promised branding wouldn’t be messy, glorious, terrifying or full of pins.

4. You’re tired of flip-flopping based on what everyone else is going

You spend way too much time wondering how to get the ‘Unicorns and Glitter’ effect into your brand.

(Even though you’re pretty sure your spirit animal is an otter, and we all know that glitter is death dressed up in tiny bits of plastic).

All that slinking and poring over your competitors’ websites, funnels and other online crevices?

Stop it! No more hacking.

All you have to do is…drum roll…

Be yourself.

I know, I know! Where can you sign up to the revolution?

(hint: this page might have your answers)

5. You’re BEYOND ready to become the CEO of your business.

(CE-bloody-O! Take that old boss/teacher/subconscious block)

You’ve even built a team. A small, but mighty team.

At least they will be, once you iron out a few kinks and don’t spend most of your time explaining why things aren’t looking or sounding the way you like.

All those templates you’ve collected over the years aren’t working! Why aren’t they working?

Why aren’t they working?


(Because someone’s elses stuff isn’t going to work for your stuff).

Ready to Evolve Your Brand?

The world NEEDS you and your brilliance. Get your big, messy and glorious vision out of your head and into a bigger, organised and glorious reality.

Some Ambitious Entrepreneurs I’ve Helped To Create Their Brand Legacy

There is only one word that best describes Cathy Topping’s services: Extraordinary.

Cathy made the unbelievable come true. I now have a fabulous professional website which I can use to promote my services to clients.

– Lisa Janz, Career Coach

Here’s How We Create Your Brand Toolkit…

We work together 1-on-1 for around 8 weeks.

During our time together, we’ll:

Discover your innate brand advantage - the one that's 100% YOU. We uncover your and your client's hidden archetypes. This is powerful stuff, it's at the heart of what big agencies do for their global brand clients.

Develop (or upgrade) your signature visual brand assets - logo, templates, fonts, style and images

Craft your Brand Story. We'll audit your current messaging across your main platforms, rewrite the content, and make sure you're communicating properly with your audience

Develop your signature Brand Guide - the living document at the heart of your brand strategy, so you can delegate your communication to your team confidently, knowing that your message is always consistent

Once you’ve finalised this process, you’re ready to unleash your brand!

You can then work with your own team to implement it, or we continue working together to create your golden assets like a website or sales funnels.

(packages start from US $3K)


Feedback From Previous Clients

Hey, I ‘m Cathy!

Let’s get the big question out of the way first. 

What makes me qualified to take care of you and your brand as you move into this new phase?

I’ve been working with brand identities for around 20 years – from household names like Microsoft and Coca-Cola – all the way through to solopreneurs, and the mid-sized businesses in-between.

I also threw all false modesty out of the window a while ago. #leaningintomysuperpowers

I’m good at what I do. Really good at it. I buff, shine and bring out the best in your business bits.

Which – hallelujah! –  are the things you enjoy doing that also make you buckets of money.

Because who doesn’t love buckets of money?

So, when we work together, the priority is profit. But…in a way that’s bursting with YOUR values and mission.

Because that mission thing? It’s important to me. It’s important to you too.

Building a business stops being just about revenue and profits at some point. It morphs into something more. A mission. A desire to leave a legacy.

To – dare I say it? – change the world.

(And that picture of me…that’s me hanging out in my ‘dingly dell’. When my head gets too busy, I go there to connect with my inner power. And to see if I can find any pixies.)

So if you’re into profit AND passion. Making money AND making a difference….

Then you and I will probably get along.

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