Hands down, plugins are one of the best things about having a WordPress website, as they allow you to add all sorts of cool functionality to your website. I often get asked which are the best WordPress plugins for online entrepreneurs, and so I’ve compiled a list! 

The Best WordPress Plugins for Online Entrepreneurs

Why are plugins so great?

Well, they allow you to add extra functionality to your site, often giving you the ability to bypass expensive development costs.

They tend to either help you increase the awesomeness of your website, and what it’s capable of….or they go some way towards making your life a whole lot easier by doing some sort of heavy lifting for you.

In my Facebook Group, some people asked for my WordPress plugin recommendations (specifically for online entrepreneurs), so I put together a list and bundled it up into a PDF, which you can download here.

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Not all these plugins are free (but most of them are), but each and every one will help your website or business in some key way. I’ve selected those tools that are either extremely useful in terms of optimising your website, or super-useful for online marketing strategies.

1. UpdraftPlus — Updraft Plus runs scheduled backups of your website. You can also send copies of those backups to your Dropbox account (there are other options too – but I use Dropbox). You’d do this to be super-safe that you don’t lose your site if something screwy happens to the server at your host.

2. Wordfence — keep the hackers out of your life with Wordfence. They also have a handy system where they email you when a plugin or your theme needs to be updated.

3. W3 Super Cache — a fast site is a happy site, and Google loves to reward you if you’re not all sluggish to your visitors. You can achieve this with a caching plugin, and W3 Super Cache is free, popular and will get your site zinging.

4. WP Rocket — WP Rocket is a premium plugin that does a similar job. If you don’t like getting bogged down in the technical side of things, like some hand-holding with solid support, and generally like to trust the important stuff (and there are few things more important to your website than its loading speed) to freebies – you should check this one out.

5. WP Smush or EWWW — continuing with the theme of getting your site running quickly, both of these plugins will help to optimise your images. Oversized, bloated images are one of the worst culprits for poor website performance. Pick with WP Smush or EWWW, and you’ll see a dramatic increase in your site loading speed.

6. YoastYoast is an indispensable tool for your website’s SEO. It helps you get all the technical stuff that you need to have sorted done through an easy interface. And if you like the challenge of getting things ‘perfect’, the traffic light system on your blog posts will keep you occupied (my tip – don’t lose sleep over an orange light or two)

7. Contact Form 7Contact Form 7 adds contact forms to your website, so that people who want to work with you can get in touch

8. Gravity Forms — Gravity Forms is a paid plugin for when you need forms that are more detailed and comprehensive than what is delivered by Contact Form 7

9. Akismet — keep those spammers away from your blog comments with Akismet. It’s only $5/month

10. Bloom — You can use Bloom to quickly create good looking forms that integrate back with your email marketing system. Bundled with the Divi theme, if you decide to use Divi to build your site (psst…I have a free course that takes you through all the steps of setting up a WordPress site using Divi). You can purchase Bloom as a standalone as well.

11. Click to Tweet — Click to Tweet allows you to embed tweet-able snippets into your blog posts to make them easily shareable by your website visitors.

12. Countdown Dynamite — ooh..I love Countdown Dynamite! You can create deadlines on offers and flash sales with this countdown timer. It’s cheap, easy to use, and VERY effective.

13. Facebook Conversion Pixel — a quick and easy way to add Facebook conversion code onto specific pages is with the Facebook Conversion Pixel. Obviously you only need this if you’re running Facebook ads. You know what though? Even if you think you might never run Facebook ads ever, you should install the pixel anyway to start gathering the data. Never say never, hey?

14. Pin it Button for Pinterest — Adds a hover Pin it button so that visitors can quickly pin your images to their boards

16. Q2W3 Fixed Widget — lovely little tool (with a weird name!) that allows you to make certain images ‘sticky’ on a page. The Q2W3 Fixed Widget plugin is really useful for content upgrades in your sidebar. I put together this tutorial on how to set it up.

16. Quick Page/Post Redirect — Use the Quick Page/Post Redirect plugin to set up a 301 redirect for any pages or posts that don’t exist on your site anymore. No more dead ends for your website visitors, and Google will love your website just that little bit more too.

So there you have it – my recommendation for the best WordPress plugins for online entrepreneurs.

Ready to jump in and build your website?

Why not sign up to my FREE course – WordPress in a Day. It’s packed with all the information you need to get your website project up and running in no time (without all the tech-headaches and You Tube wormholes).4


Image with text overlay: The Best WordPress Plugins for Online Entrepreneurs
Image with text overlay: The Best WordPress Plugins for Online Entrepreneurs
Image with text overlay: The Best WordPress Plugins for Online Entrepreneurs

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