5 Steps To Writing Content That Sells

Written by Cathy

In the above video I take you through the roadmap that I teach inside my Confident Copy Club. This is the system that I teach about writing content that sells.

This is how I make sales all the time, and it really works for my clients when we implement it.

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The 5-Point Framework For Writing Content That Sells

I’ve broken it down into these five phases.

  • Your money-making message
  • Validating your offers with paid clients
  • Creating your audience building offers
  • Daily Sales content
  • Your audience building strategies

Most people, when they talk about posting on social media to make sales is all about how to write posts that connect with your audience.

There’s a bit focus on really getting into the messaging and hitting the pain points and all that stuff.

And yes…that’s important.

But, as you can see in this framework, that’s only one piece of it.

And I’ve done it in a circle, because it’s not a linear process.

And it doesn’t even have to be done in this order, necessarily.

But they all connect, and we have all these pieces in place, and then it really starts working and building momentum.

Your Money-Making Message

That is your customer voice research.

It’s knowing what your audience is struggling with.

And it’s also your own brand message, your own brand values and your own brand voice.

This is something that you can come back to over and over as things evolve.

It’s at the heart of writing your sales content because when you get this in place, writing daily social media posts becomes so much easier.

Because you end up creating content in response to what you know your audience is struggling with, or what they’re thinking, rather than just putting it out there –  throwing spaghetti at the wall and guessing or brainstorming what it is that you think they need.

Next is…

Validating Your Offers With Paid Clients

Don’t spend days, weeks, months, or even years, spinning your wheels.

Thinking about what you think your audience wants, what you think you offer should be.

Instead, you do your research, you get some clear ideas about what your audience is after.

And then you simply put it out there.

You create sales content around it.

And then put it out there and see if people put their hand up to buy.

So if they do, then you know you’re on the right track.

And you can keep going through this process and refining, changing your offers, improving them…all that stuff.

Think of it as co-creating your audience.

Because you’re getting people to become clients, rather than people who are passively consuming your content.

Audience Building Offers

You have your paid offers – the ones you put out and had people put their hands up to buy.

Ideally starting out, you want one paid offer just to keep it simple.

(Although saying that if you’re anything like me, you might have quite a few things on the go. Personally, I thrive having lots of different offers that I can cycle through and play around with.)

But that will just depend on you, and how you like doing things.

Audience building offers are things like your lead magnets (so your free stuff), or it could be paid masterclasses.

It could be challenges – whether they’re free or paid.

These are offers you’re creating, to put out there and grow your audience and bring people into your world.

And what I find – particularly in the first few years of business – is that people focus on this stuff too much, instead of what’s going to bring in revenue.

This should be your priority.

And then when you’re clear that you’ve got a thing that people want to buy, you can start thinking about how you can get it in front of a wider audience.

To bring more people into your world to then keep selling them into your offer.

Which brings us to…

Daily Sales Content

Your daily content can then be used to promote your audience building offers and content, and you can be promoting your paid offers.

But until you’ve got clarity on those offers and that they work and resonate with your audience, you’re really just throwing spaghetti at the wall.

So that’s why I say that you need to have this whole holistic system in place.

If you don’t know what your audience wants and you’re busy writing content, you’re really just guessing if you haven’t validated your offer.

You don’t know if the thing that you’re trying to sell is actually resonating with your audience.

And not having all this stuff clear is what can cause that jam that stops you from putting stuff out there.

Because if you keep putting stuff out to crickets, and nobody’s paying attention, it’s quite demoralizing.

That’s why following this process really helps with making sure that when you get to the point of writing your content consistently, it’s actually going to be making sales for you.

Because you’ve got the whole piece of the puzzle in place.

You’ve got your paid offer that sells, and you’ve got your audience building offer – there’s no point putting the same stuff in front of the same people day in and day out.

You need to keep bringing new people into your world.

We do that with…

Audience Building Strategies

Building an audience doesn’t have to be time-consuming or complicated.

Personally, I’ve really focused in the last 12 months or so on just Facebook, and on keeping it simple.

I have a few things that I do every day.

And it really works.

It doesn’t have to be complicated.

You don’t have to even use Facebook if you don’t want, but it’s about being consistent.

And finding the strategies that work for you.

I don’t spend more than 20 minutes a day on any of this.

Because I just get bored, and it does my head in.

And that’s why this system I’ve put together works really well when you have all those pieces in place.

Because if you’re like a lot of people I see at this point where you’re putting out a lot of content but not seeing results, chances are it’s because you haven’t got these pieces consistently in place.

You may have done one of them (or some of them), but you need the entire holistic strategy.

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